Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 mobile phone review.  This lid will be mainstream

Samsung has released a video on its website that shows how the new Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 puzzles were tested. You can be the first to see the so-called “environmental” chamber in the video below. It tests how video playback, cameras and other components work at various humidity levels, as well as at different temperatures. This is followed by a water resistance test, not only in one, but in several half-open positions, including Flex Mode.

Next up is drawing with the S Pen stylus, which evaluates the performance and accuracy of the display digitizer, even in the area of ​​display translation. An integral part is also a test, in which there is a 200,000 composition and layout, which is proof that the hinge and display last for about 5 years without any damage (at about 100 openings per day). Folding tests use one-handed and two-handed opening and closing simulations. You can read the Galaxy Z Flip3 review here, search for the Galaxy Z Fold3 editorial test under this link.

See how Samsung has tested its latest puzzles:

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