How I Met Your Father is missing almost everything that the original did so well

How I Met Your Mother is perhaps the defining sitcom of the past two decades. At the same time, their final in 2014 fell into the final phase of the genre: The classic sitcom is dying out. Is the How I Met Your Mother spin-off doing itself a favor warming up the recipe for success? Well, How I Met Your Father is coming. The series starts next week in the US on Hulu after several failed attempts.

First Reviews: How Good is How I Met Your Father?

There are first reviews of the series. They fall disappointed out. Few reactions can find positive points in the revival starring Hilary Duff.

Check out the trailer for How I Met Your Father

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How I Met Your Father deals with the same issues like in the popular series with Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders. Dating, friendship, big city life and above all the search for happiness, whether at work, in love or in completely different things.

In the near future, Sophie (Hilary Duff) tells her son the story of how she met his father. This story takes us back to 2021. Here we follow Sophie and her close friends in the big city. In the age of dating apps and endless possibilities, they want to find love. In doing so, however, they first have to find out who they actually are and what they want to achieve in life.

Did it work? The basic tenor is: HIMYF tries on one Update of the mother serieswithout understanding what the qualities of the original were. at Metacritic after 8 reviews there is a score of almost 50 percent. Let’s take a closer look at the criticisms …

First, some positive voices on How I Met Your Father

  • Paste highlights leading actress Hilary Duff and the Harmony of Casts. Even without the framework of its great predecessor, How I Met Your Father is a pleasant, sometimes funny comedy.
  • Collider has a good start seen. The first 3 episodes were shown in advance in which, with some weaknesses and teething problems, the Cast convinced.
  • Also Consequence sees “potential” in the series and in the cast. However, HIMYF often feels like an imitation.

All three reviews highlight the cast, which is the right focus. In the long run, the momentum of a sitcom depends more on the chemistry of the cast than on good scripts. But it also shows that it is difficult for the critics to recognize other qualities in the series. Because the negative reviews clearly predominate.

“It’s Not Funny”: The Negative Reviews of How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Mother – S03 E09 Clip You Just Got Slapped (Deutsche UT)


Rolling Stone : “It’s not funny. Not funny at all”, writes a visibly disappointed Alan Sepinwall. How I Met Your Mother was one of those sitcoms that didn’t need canned laughter. If something was supposed to be funny, you could tell by laughing.

“It’s just another popular IP (Intellectual Property, i.e. a well-known brand)that was dusted without any ideaswhat to do with her. “ Those responsible therefore lacked a real vision.

The impression of also sounds fatal Entertainment Weekly , the in contrast to the positive voices above criticized the chemistry of the cast: “It remains unclear why the ensemble depends on each other at all.” The series and the characters are pasted with background stories. The ensemble and the script seem to lack naturalness.

It sounds like that too AV Club : “The series replicates the narrative ingenuity of HIMYM, but what it tries hardest to repeat is the core chemistry (which may come in time). The new series is lacking for now, too the clever plot gadgetsthat we expected from Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ original. “

The criticism of Variety : The characters failed to develop life beyond their character descriptions. “That affects every character […] von How I Met Your Father”. The series is “just a bizarre exercise in recycling nostalgia for the present without finding a way to be modern.”

What can we expect from How I Met Your Father?

The meeting tenor is close to a collective slavery. However, many reviews point out that the series takes time to find its way. With How I Met Your Mother, not everything was great from the start (and neither was it in the end).

What is worrying is that the Criticisms deny the spin-off almost all the qualities that made the original so good: The natural chemistry of the cast, the natural drive and the originality of each episode. And the incredibly energetic joke, of course. All in all, How I Met Your Father seems to be average at best. And that would be a big disappointment.

It is not yet certain when How I Met Your Father will start in Germany. Disney + will take over the broadcast.

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What do you expect from the series now?

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