What Rocky Balboa before a decisive fight, to Want to and Ricky montaner They ran the clock to get their physique ready, ready for the super intense round of shows at the Gran Rex Theater, in Buenos Aires.

The thing is Want to and Ricky They give it their all on stage, and in addition to having to prepare to sing with dignity, the boys have to get their bodies ready. With little time to train, the pair chose a drastic measure: to do a five-day, mega-demanding “flash” routine.

Therefore, from Monday to Friday without rest, Want to and Ricky put his body into action at his home in Nordelta for an hour and a half every day, under the orders of Romina Traetta, a fit instructor who also works with Stefi Roitman and Laurita Fernandez.

“Basically, they trained almost every day to gain stamina and strength for the shows they are giving in Argentina”, he counted Romina a Teleshow, explaining the request made by the former jurors of The Argentine Voice for this routine tailored to your needs.

“The exercises are with your own body weight and also with extra weight, gaining strength and resistance since on stage they leave everything, sing, run, jump for two hours. And they train every morning in Nordelta (where they live) with elements of different intensities and weights “, he detailed.

In addition to this routine of strength exercises, the children of Ricardo Montaner they took care of themselves with their meals and followed a meal plan full of protein and plenty of water. “We are left with a full heart. Thanks for dancing and singing everything! This love is for life “, they expressed in their account, after their first date.

It was worth it.

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