How is the mass vaccination process progressing in the country?  (+ Video)

The Vice Minister of Education, Dr. C. Eugenio González Pérez.

The vaccination of students who are enrolled in the national education system, which includes those of Inder and culture, was prioritized. “To condition the resumption of the school year we are prioritizing these students, and this does not mean that the rest of the population between these ages will not continue to be vaccinated.”

As for the teachers who work in other provinces and have already started vaccination in their place of residence, he reported that they continue the vaccination process, if they are called to their posts, in the municipalities where they will work.

The Vice Minister of Education stressed that it is essential to attend the vaccinations, which have been organized in a staggered manner to avoid crowds and carry out vaccination in an orderly manner.

“When educational activities are resumed, it is not a condition to be vaccinated to attend schools; however, we must comply with all the measures of the school to preserve the health of our students ”, he stressed.

In that sense, he urged families to vaccinate their children. “We have 100% Cuban vaccines, of high quality and that have been the result of a lot of effort. There has been good attendance at the vaccination centers, there are excellent criteria from the population regarding the way in which the process has been organized, but we insist that students do not remain unvaccinated, as this increases their immunity and prepares us much better to guarantee the resumption of the school year ”.

To ensure the correct operation of the vaccination campaign, The Mined and the Minsap have organized a system of work and videoconferences with the provincial directors of Education and Health, in conjunction with the ministers and officials of both ministries.

“This has allowed us to monitor up to the level of vaccinations and this has allowed us to make timely decisions, late at night to decide what will happen the next day in the vaccinations, the analysis of the vaccination march in the posts of direction of both organisms and the visits to the vaccination centers on the part of the ministers ”, he pointed out.

The vice minister asserted that, For the return to the classroom, the development of family education schools is vital to guide families about what the end of the 2020-2021 academic year and the start of the 2021-2022 academic year will be like. “It is a decisive activity for the family to accompany us, as always, in comprehensive training and in this conception of work.”

It is also important to strictly comply with hygienic-sanitary measures in schools, the use of the nasobuco, hand washing, physical distancing, and continuous screening at the entrance of schools, among other measures.

“We reiterate the call to our students, families and teachers, to take extreme measures of protection, not only in the school environment, but also in the family and community,” he said.

Returning to the presence – he pointed out – is a challenge for all Cuban educators to continue betting on the quality of the teaching-educational process. “The diagnosis is not to do tests, but to take into account the socio-emotional, affective and psychological aspects, to adapt together after the months that we have been out of school and, all together, to assume again the organizational forms of a schedule of life”.

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