Owner of an angelic face, a stylized body and radiant skin, on several occasions Guillermina Valdes She has shared on social networks both her healthy eating routines, drinks such as the kefir that she prepares to cleanse the body from the inside, her line of body cosmetics products and her recent training platform.

But in addition to all that, in the last hours the wife of Marcelo tinelli She was surprised by posting a photo on her Instagram profile where she is seen kneeling on a stretcher, with her face washed, in muscle and underwear. The reason for the posting? The model wanted to thank the beauty center where she attends and where they are doing one of the treatments that are currently a worldwide trend.

Below her image, the fifth member of the jury of The academy –share that role with Pampita, Jimena Barón, Hernán Piquín and Angel de Brito wrote: “Taking care of the skin of my legs with Venus Legacy… It is wonderful to activate collagen, improve elasticity and tone your footl”.

“The Venus Legacy is to activate collagen, improve elasticity and tone,” wrote the model about this treatment that costs between 5 thousand and 50 thousand pesos, depending on the number of sessions.

Given the curiosity of her followers for wanting to find out if Guillermina was without the bottom part of her underwear after seeing the photo that she uploaded to the networks and in order to know what it is about and how much the treatment she promoted costs, Paparazzi contacted the beauty center where it is attended.

The first thing that must be taken into account before starting any treatment is a diagnosis and the medical endorsement, either to do this or any other. Based on each patient, a plan is put together. And it is not that they are a fixed number of sessions, that depends on each person and what they need”, One of the doctors of the place that Valdés attends began by explaining.

How much does the Venus Legacy treatment cost? As explained by the specialist of The Flower of Sartí its value depends on the diagnosis and ranges between 5 thousand and 50 thousand pesos, approximately, since some patients need fewer sessions than others, and even the part of the body in which it is performed varies.

In Guillermina’s case, she has a type of personalized treatment. Sometimes the heads are changed with the same machine and it has another function. It is also combined with other treatments. The one I used the other day, the legacy it was a 40 minute session”, Continued the doctor, detailing about this state-of-the-art device… and the latest on the market in Argentina.

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