Hopeful greetings for your health! Since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, I commented that the key to avoiding contagion was and will continue to be, that our immune system is strong. Our organism or our body, has millions of specialized cells that form the defense army to fight bacteria, fungi, viruses that are our enemies that cause diseases. The strength of that army is achieved with adequate food. In the last years the IMMUNOBIOTICS science appeared, which is little known. Doctor Joaquín González Aragón G. is the promoter and diffuser of this new science. Before continuing with the recommendation, I want to tell you what happened to me in one of those times that I go to my spoiled bookstore, the one of my preference (the one in Juárez): Without looking for the book that I am recommending, he found me, he ran into me, He attracted me, called me and mentally told me HERE I AM, YOU NEED ME AND SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE NEED ME, SPREAD ME IN YOUR COLUMN. I was amazed but for a while I recovered and remembered the Law of Attraction. Hours later, being at home and beginning to read the book, Dr. Joaquín González Aragón G. mentally told me: “I am a researcher and teacher. My academic life has pushed me to work as: Speaker, lecturer, teacher in universities. I am participating in medical research societies both in Mexico and abroad. The editor on his own, comments that Doctor Joaquín González Aragón G. is a promoter of the recent science known as IMMUNOBIÓTICA. And he also asked me to point out that our immune system is capable of defending ourselves against our enemies: bacteria, fungi and viruses. My personal comment is that we need to educate ourselves in the culture of our health with the intention that it improves our quality of life and the way we age without causing pity. The well-fed (nourished) human body has the ability to destroy any enemy or harmful bug that enters our body. Recently scientific researchers are creating this science called IMMUNOBIOTICS. Among many other findings, they have managed to realize the following: “The inability of antibiotics created in the laboratory to eliminate infectious processes and the presence of bacteria resistant to these antibiotics has led medical science to conclude that the response to any disease It is not the creation of more powerful antibiotics. And these scientists have determined that the solution lies in attacking the disease from within, strengthening our body’s own natural defense network: THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, made up of millions of specialized cell phones. When this system works well, it takes care of small problems before they become big. For me as a book recommender, it is sad to know that I cannot comment on so much valuable data that is left in the book. I can only point out that we have millions of guardians in our body who are alert 24 hours a day to detect and destroy all microoscopic beings that can cause problems in the body. More than 150 pages were left without comment. We will read next time. The Philosophical Pylon: “The culture of your well-being is almost free, it is within your reach, you find it in this wonderful book. Publisher: CA, Price: $ 150, Capturist: Mónica Caballero.


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