How the historical Praetorians ticked: "Duty to the last"

In its 350-year history, the Praetorian Guard made and murdered emperors. One or the other rose to rulers themselves.

Kingmaker: In 41 Claudius was made emperor by the grace of the Praetorians. Emperor Maxentius was also made emperor by the Praetorians in 306. He ruled for six years and then led them to their fatal defeat in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. It was the end of the Praetorians.

Praetorians as emperors: From the influential position of Prefect of the Praetorians, some men even made the leap to the top of the state. Such was Macrinus, the mastermind behind the plot against Caracalla. He became the new emperor for a short time. The most famous Praetorian emperor is Diocletian, who proved to be a wise ruler and brought stability and separation of powers to the empire.

Murders of emperors: Because of their proximity to the ruler, the prefects of the Praetorian Guard were repeatedly involved in assassinations: Caligula († 41 AD), Galba († 69 AD), Pertinax († 193 AD) died. ), Caracalla († 217 AD), Elagabalus († 222 AD), Pupienus († 238 AD), Balbinus († 238 AD) Probus († 282 AD) , Carus († 283 AD) and Numerian († 284 AD) by the hand of Praetorians.

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