How to ask AFIP for the return of 35% of the purchase of the saving dollar

The procedure is specified through the AFIP website and it is already enabled for both monotributistas and workers in a dependency relationship that are not covered by the Income tax.

To do this, you must enter the Siradig Worker service, “Add Withholdings / Perceptions / Payments to Account” and “Payment on Account – General Resolution (AFIP) 4815/2020” in the sector of Form F.572 Web.

The refund corresponds to the 35% surcharge that is applied on the purchases of dollar savings, payments in pesos of consumption with credit cards in foreign currency, purchase of tickets to abroad and purchase of services abroad through tourism agencies, among other items.

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Step by step: how to request a return of 35% of the purchase of the saving dollar

As a first measure, to request a refund, from AFIP indicate that applicants must use the service with a tax code “My WEB Applications”.



To access this service the taxpayer must:

1) Enter the page AFIP ( and press “ENTER” in the “Access with Fiscal Code” box.

2) Next, a screen is displayed, in which you must enter the CUIT / CUIL / CDI number and the fiscal code. Press the “ENTER” button.

3) The system will display the list of services AFIP that the taxpayer has enabled. There select “My Web Applications”. If this service is not found, you must enable it using the “Fiscal Code Relationship Manager” option.

4) The screen to enter the service will then be displayed. Select the NEW option found in the upper left margin.

A new screen will open where you must select the name and the following fields:

  • Agency: AFIP
  • Form: F746 / A – Returns and transfers
  • Fiscal Period: indicate the period for which the refund is requested, in the YYYYMM format. Finally, select ACCEPT.

5) The system will then show the detail of earnings registered in the My Withholdings system for that period. There you must check the ones that you want to process in return.

6) In the event that there are perceptions not registered in the system, you can enter them manually by selecting: “ADD PERCEPTION”.

To load, you must inform:

  • Origin
  • Card
  • Payment date of the summary and / or settlement / Debit date
  • Amount of perception.

Once the complete data load has been completed, select the RECORD button, which is located in the upper margin of the screen.

7) At the end of the upload, you must press the PRESENT button.

The system will ask if the presentation is confirmed, and then it will inform that the presentation has already been made. By accepting this message you will be able to view the receipt of the presentation.

What is needed to complete the procedure

  • Have a Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT).
  • Count on Fiscal key.
  • Inform the AFIP the Uniform Banking Code (CBU) of your bank account, through the service with Fiscal Code “Declaration of CBU for collections of tax, customs and social security origin”.
  • Count, previously, with the cancellation of debts and / or regularization of inconsistencies, in order to later be able to accredit what is received.
  • Have an Electronic Tax Address.
  • If the taxpayer has CUIT and Tax Code, they should NOT go to an AFIP – DGI Dependency, with which the procedure can be carried out directly from the web.
  • Otherwise, it will be mandatory to go to a dependency with WEB TURN timely requested.


From that moment on, the AFIP will review all requests and verify if they are pertinent. That is, if they correspond to the level of income of the taxpayer and if this is not actually reached by Profits and Personal Assets. And then in a period that has not yet been determined, it will inform the taxpayer when the refund will be effective.

When will you make the AFIP payment

When the AFIP reviews the requests and determines their validity, it will deposit the corresponding amount in the account reported by the taxpayer through the Uniform Banking Code (CBU). It is not yet defined when the AFIP will make the payment of these refunds affective.

What about those who pay Profits

These people will only be able to request a refund when they complete the annual income statement, in March. And the return would take place along with the rest of the reimbursements, such as those corresponding to prepaid and domestic employees, among others, along with the payment of the April salary.

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