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In the Far East, 33 percent of the population does not own a home and rent it. These figures were announced during the Eastern Economic Forum by Vitaly Mutko, Director General of DOM.RF JSC. For many, the Far Eastern Mortgage program has become the solution to the “housing problem”, but there are a number of people who, according to experts, are not able to afford buying an apartment even on credit with a minimum rate of 0.1 percent. They can be helped by creating a market for social rental housing.

– “DOM.RF” as an investor is ready to enter the Far East with this. I think that we will closely deal with this topic at the end of the year. We have a wealth of experience, we signed an agreement with SIBUR to build a house for 600 families from among the employees of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, ” said Vitaly Mutko, CEO of the state-owned company.

In his opinion, a person should give no more than 35, and preferably 27 percent of his income to pay for housing. Rent subsidies will help make apartment rentals affordable. This requires the help of regional authorities and local companies, which can provide apartments to employees for corporate rent.

“We are considering a project for the construction of such houses in Vladivostok on the land plots involved in the turnover,” says Mutko. – In addition, we recently signed an agreement with the government of the Sakhalin region on financing the rental housing market of 50 thousand square meters, the regional authorities have undertaken obligations to populate these apartments.

– We subsidize the rate to help those in need of housing. These are market methods combined with social ones, – emphasizes the governor of the island region Valery Limarenko.

The company signed another similar agreement at the beginning of the year with the Magadan Region. Then it was decided to build 100 thousand “squares” of rental housing for young professionals and migrants from emergency houses as part of the integrated development of the “Pea Field” territory. In total, by 2030, they are going to build 204 thousand square meters of housing to resettle the dilapidated fund.

Rent subsidies will help make apartment rentals affordable. This requires the help of regional authorities and local companies that can provide apartments for employees for corporate rent.

“First of all, this will improve the living conditions for more than two thousand families, who will receive, in exchange for dilapidated and dilapidated apartments, modern and comfortable apartments in the new microdistrict of Magadan,” explained the regional governor Sergei Nosov. – Doctors, teachers and other specialists invited to work in the region will be provided with housing. Large enterprises operating on the territory will also be able to take part in the program.

Similar projects are also planned to start in the cities of the Amur Region, Kamchatka and Khabarovsk Territories.

Despite the fact that the real estate market “for rent” with subsidized prices in the macroregion is not yet too developed, there are still examples of successful decisions in the Far Eastern Federal District. So, since 2020, the “Rental Housing” program has been launched in Primorye. By the end of this year alone, it is planned to commission more than 1,300 apartments for specialists in demand in the region within its framework. Their rental price will be two times lower than the market average.

The first house under this project was built on Krasnaya Znamya Street in Vladivostok. 13 families of medical workers received apartments for rent. For them, accommodation was literally free, the cost was compensated by the employer.

“We will continue to work so that medical workers are provided with housing and are confident that the state is behind them. After all, these people are doing very important and necessary work, – said the head of the Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako.

The big advantage of this program was the permission for the tenant to buy the apartment. It will be possible to do this after six months of residence, including with the possibility of using a preferential mortgage loan. At the same time, the redemption value of rental housing will be significantly lower than the market value, since it will include only the cost of construction.

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