Apple iPad Air (2020) tablet review.  Stylish universal for everyone

Mac owners can use apple tablets as a secondary monitor thanks to the Sidecar function available from macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13. However, if you would like to connect your iPad to a computer running Windows, you can do so thanks to the device Luna Display. It is an adapter for USB-C or HDMI, which is connected to a PC and paired with a tablet via Wi-Fi or USB, where the application of the same name is installed.

In this mode, the iPad really behaves like a second monitor with full resolution, support for touches and a Pencil pen, including pressure recognition. Luna Display was a successful kickstarter project that was able to connect Apple computers and tablets before Sidecar. But the introduction of this feature gave the company a line across the budget, so it focused on creating a multiplatform solution.

Luna Display promises a fast response of 16 ms and good image quality suitable for graphics. It is in conjunction with Apple Pencil that you will appreciate it the most. However, he must consider two facts.

The adapter costs $ 130 as standard (excluding tax), for which you can buy a classic external monitor. It will be larger, but with a lower resolution, probably a worse image and without touch support.

For the most demanding users, the $ 130 won’t be the last spend, Luna is just the first step. If you want more features (the aforementioned pressure on Pencil, gesture support, shortcuts, and a virtual keyboard), you’ll need a sister application, Astropad Studio, which costs $ 80 a year. But it also offers a 30-day trial period for everyone to see if it pays off.

There is currently a 20% discount on Luna Display itself and free transport to the Czech Republic, so who can do it on the official website buys, pays approximately $ 125 (CZK 2,800) including tax.

An alternative is the application Duet Displaywhich costs $ 10, requires no additional accessories, but is slower, does not take full advantage of the iPad, and has fewer features and options overall.

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