Some 15,000 million dollars left Brazil from the São Paulo Stock Exchange, the largest financial center in the region.

As director of Grupo DNA, a human resources consultancy specialized in Tech companies, we tell you what the instances are and what are the key resources for a company to go public.

In addition to having a qualified Board of Directors, Going public requires the talents of a variety of different highly specialized professionals, including underwriters, attorneys, auditors, etc.

The success of the IPO and the future prosperity of the company depends in part on the talents of this team, so a decision must be made to hire the most qualified team possible.

The growth of the corporate team substantially helps guide the company through a successful IPO. The organizational structure generally includes a CEO and a CFO as key pieces in this instance. Other executives who may be helpful depending on the industry include a Chief Risk Officer (CRO), a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

In addition to these roles, depending on the structures, they may have a general attorney, a director of HR (CHRO) and a head of investor relations (Head of Investor Relations).

During the lead-up to filing, in-depth knowledge of the business is vital to ensure that the company’s story is told accurately and completely.

Then we go to the instance of the roadshow, when the management meets with potential investors to present strategic, financial and operational information.

The “Ley Sarbanes Oxley”, refers to the evaluation of the quality of internal controls, as well as timely supervision, giving the Government the ability to monitor listed companies and their subsidiaries, in order to prevent fraud and risks, seeking the protection of investors. SOX and subsequent legislation placed significant emphasis on the role of the corporate board and team, as they must meet certain standards in terms of their skills, knowledge, processes, behavior, and how they communicate.

Saint Paul’s Stock Exchange

Some 15,000 million dollars left Brazil from the São Paulo Stock Exchange, the largest financial center in the region.

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Going public is a very technical legal process and it is necessary to have the collaboration of an external advisor during this process. The company, its directors and officers who sign the registration statement run the risk of serious financial penalties, as well as lawsuits for shareholders, if the registration statement omits material facts or contains erroneous material. The attorneys assist in the process of preparing the non-financial sections of the registration statement, responding to comments from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Another important step is the relationship with the team of external auditors. It must be an audit consultant made up of qualified public accountants who has significant experience engaging with the SEC. In addition to completing the audit of your financial statements, the auditors also advise you on the registration process. They will also assist in responding to SEC comments related to accounting.

Investment Banks and Prime Underwriters direct the marketing of an IPO, being very selective in their acceptance of clients and will likely conduct in-depth research on the management, products or services, finances, and business plan of the company before accepting it as a customer.

The Investor Relations Officer (IR) is an important piece before an initial public offering, as part of the company’s communications strategy. A good performance can serve as a means to increase the public profile of the company.

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After having made the public offering, the role of the IR becomes even more important, both to retain existing shareholders, while attracting new investors, maintaining or raising the share price. In addition, he will be responsible for developing and implementing the company’s communication strategy.

Most required positions:

  • Head of Investor Relations,
  • Consolidation & SEC Reporting Manager,
  • Head of FP&A
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Fintech Strategy Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Partnerships Manager
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Online Marketing . Manager
  • Growth Manager
  • User Experience Manager
  • Client Solutions Manager
  • Digital Analytics Manager
  • Head of Revenue Management

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