How to write, send and receive SMS on your computer

Do you simply want to show your holiday photos to your friends and the display of your phone will seem small to you? Project it on a computer screen without copying or connecting via cable.

Microsoft has figured out that it will have to adapt to mobile operating systems. He doesn’t do well with iOS, but Windows 10 is quite friends with Android.

There may be situations where you do not want to connect via the service Your phone (see the article above), a typical example is a visit to friends to whom you want to show photos. The solution is a smart TV and Google Chromecast, or a screen mirroring service. But what if smart TV isn’t available? A laptop or computer monitor with Windows 10 will also serve as a replacement display.

Display mirroring

Just a few simple steps. The first is to allow projection from other devices. IN Settings Windows 10 in the tab System select an item Projection on this computer. You will now need to add the optional Wireless Display feature to project to the target device. So click on the link Optional components and then on Add a component. In the open list, these components are sorted alphabetically, so if you use the Czech localization of Windows, you will probably see the functions in the first place. Wireless display. 1 Check and install it.

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