How to protect electronic equipment against abrupt power outages?

Air conditioners, refrigerators and all kinds of electronic devices with high energy demand are in suspense, while consumers are alert to possible failures in them due to low voltage.

To properly protect equipment, stabilizers are commonly believed to be the solution. But “there are UPS -uninterruptible power supply units- which, unlike stabilizers that only keep the output voltage stable in their outlets, protecting the connected equipment from highs and lows in line voltage, they also cover power outages. , since they maintain the output voltage for a certain number of minutes. ” says Mariana Coste, an executive at Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure.

This means that they protect the equipment, allowing in these cases to save the work in progress and to properly shut down the connected equipment. “A stabilizer maintains stable the output voltage in the outlets, protecting the connected equipment from highs and lows in the line voltage, while the UPS, in addition to fulfilling these functions, has an internal battery that will give us an autonomy time in case of a cut in the electricity supply. ”, completes Cost.


Given this, the Vertiv executive explains that UPS work in a similar way to “a stabilizer with batteries, which keeps the device on in the event of a power outage, giving time to save work and turn off the PC correctly; keep the equipment on while there is time to activate an alternative power system, such as a generator set and keep the computer on to continue working while the power is restored. “

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