How to take care of the skin from the blue light of the screens?

As with ultraviolet rays, the blue light radiated by the screens penetrates deep into the skin and this can affect the dermis and even the DNA of the cells, since a greater number of free radicals is formed.

By virtue of this reality, the cosmetic industry developed protectors that not only combat the damage caused by constant exposure to the sun, but also the light coming from electronic equipment and artificial lights.

The variety of sunscreen formulas has grown in recent years. Currently, you can find products on the market that generate a more pleasant sensory, very different from that left by the most oily protectors. Taking into account the daily routine of millions of consumers, the cosmetic industry introduced sun protection in various products, even in lipsticks, foundations and compact powders. In addition to the protection generated by sunscreens, ingredients are used that facilitate the prevention of harmful effects and repair the damage caused by this type of radiation.

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Products such as Arganyl, which is extracted from the argan leaf and is mixed in moisturizing oils and Ciste’M®, an extract of labdanum (rockrose), known as Vegetable Phoenix, which protects the DNA of skin cells from the effects of exposure to UVA, UVB and visible light, are some of the solutions that BASF has to protect the dermis of people, avoid the harmful effects generated by blue light, accelerate cell renewal by up to 17% and reduce wrinkle depth by 9%.

Protection against different light sources is gaining more and more relevance in the cosmetic industry as consumers understand the importance of protection, both to protect from sun damage and to prevent wrinkles as a complement to their beauty routine.

Technical coordinator of the Laboratory of Chemicals for Personal Care at BASF.

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