HSV: Big surprise - soon another coach in the Volksparkstadion?

For HSV, things are anything but optimal in the second division under coach Tim Walter, who is under criticism. Now HSV has an interesting plan.

Hamburg – At Hamburger SV, not all that glitters is gold. Sure: HSV has already scored one point or the other here and there – but all in all, that’s not enough to inspire the HSV fans.
Exactly this enthusiasm should soon be seen in the HSV Volksparkstadion. 24hamburg.de * knows why another coach has to stand by the side of the field and what plans and discussions HSV is having.

For now will the HSV home game against Fortuna Düsseldorf on October 16, 2021 a best seller*. The HSV fans, the actors Sky du Mont, incidentally, for the best in, will most likely flock to the Volksparkstadion when the HSV opens its venue for the first time in the second division under 2G rules. Josha Vagnoman will not be there. One The return of the HSV talent is a long way off. * 24hamburg.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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