HSV: That's how it stands for the comeback of defensive machine Stephan Ambrosius

He’s missing. For a long time. HSV player Stephan Ambrosius torments himself through rehab. And gives insights into his soul life. This is how it is for the HSV player.

Hamburg – Hamburger SV thinks big on Stephan Ambrosius. No wonder, since the defensive player already had a lot of talent and the quality to keep HSV’s defense tight at a young age. When he’s not missing.
Stephan Ambrosius has been doing this since April 2021. 24hamburg.de * knows how the HSV defense machine is doing, how hard the agony are during the rehab period, what Ambrosius himself says about it and how hot he is about a comeback.

Josha Vagnoman is not yet celebrating a comeback. The HSV full-back has to wait for his return to the jersey of the second division team – that is the trigger for the further failure of the HSV talent*. Meanwhile, the “doers” at HSV are also concerned with the question of whether they will soon see a different coach than Tim Walter on the sidelines – that’s behind the curious HSV considerations*. * 24hamburg.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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