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One of the main criticisms of Huawei phones without the support of Google services was the lack of contactless payment features. Although the EMUI environment is also built on Android (AOSP) and NFC supports mobile payments, for a long time there was no application through which payments could be made.

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RaiPay application environment on Huawei phone Source: Huawei

Huawei Pay, which has been promised for two years, is still the music of the future, but the first stand-alone application for mobile payment at terminals in shops and restaurants has finally reached the AppGallery market. This is the RaiPay application of Raiffeisenbank, which uses the background of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and will serve just like its alternative on phones with Android and Google services.

“Mobile payments are popular with Raiffeisenbank clients. About 20% of our clients use them every day, while we offer a full range of services for payments by mobile phone or watch, which are available in the Czech Republic. As the only bank on the Czech market, we now also offer these payments for Huawei NFC phones with Huawei AppGallery,”Says Michal Bošina, Digital Channels Expert of Raiffeisenbank.

RaiPay application for contactless NFC mobile payments:

The RaiPay application enables the digitization of Mastercard debit and credit cards issued by Raiffeisenbank on smartphones with the Android operating system, now also including Huawei smartphones with an EMUI environment. The application has a simple system for activating and adding a digitized card. Payments can be verified using a fingerprint.

The Raipay application is free to download:

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