Microsoft is changing its names.  He renamed the Xbox Game Pass for PC PC Game Pass

Humble Bundle, a popular PC game store, is changing its subscription system again after years. From February, it will offer a single tariff Humble Choice at the price of 10 euros per month (250 CZK) or 109 euros per year (2700 CZK). For this, players will receive every first Tuesday of the month up to 10 titlesthat they will be able to keep forever. The store will give them the keys, most often for Steam, but sometimes also Epic Games Store, EA Play, Ubisoft Connect, etc.

The subscription also includes a progressive 10-20% discount to buy other games (even those already discounted). The size of the discount varies with the length of the subscription, the first two months is 10%, then it gradually increases to 15, 17 and 20% (this is available after 12 months).

Each subscriber will also gain access to Vault safe (so far called Trove) with more than 70 games without DRMwhich can be downloaded at any time and kept forever. There are more older games or smaller indie games.

A novelty will be access to the constantly growing catalog called Collectionwhere games will be available as long as you are a subscriber. For now, these are titles directly from the production Humble Games, from February there will be games Forager, Wizard of Legend, Dodgeball Academia, Unsighted, Void Bastards.

Games available in Collections will be downloaded through the new one Humble application for Windows, which will make sure you have a subscription. The application will also allow you to download items from the Vault, but they will be playable even after the subscription expires or is interrupted.

Lidumily will be pleased to send 5% of the subscription from Humble to charity.

What is changing?

With the exception of the Collection and the application, players could enjoy the benefits of the subscription for several years. An offer called Humble Monthly launched in November 2015, still $ 12 a month, with players buying hares in a sack. They paid in advance for a package of games that was secret.

FIRssfLXsA8GS-B.jpegHumble Choice offer in January 2022

At the end of 2019, Humble Monthly became Humble Choice. In addition to one tariff, which remained under the name Classic for existing users and which could no longer be re-ordered, three more were added: Lite, Basic and Premium at prices of 5, 15 and 20 dollars per month.

Lite only made the Trove safe available and users received a 10% discount on the purchase of games. In addition, they were able to keep three of the ten new games on offer every month. In Premium, there were nine out of ten games and a 20% discount. Only the most loyal with the old Classic tariff could continue to pay only $ 12, but they received a 20% discount on all ten games. The change Choice brought was that the players already knew in advance which games they would win.

For example, the January offer included Mafia: Definitive Edition or the excellent real-time strategy Iron Harvest. Last year, Humble gave Metro Exodus, Civilization VI, Yakuza 3, Dirt 5, F1 2020, Control or Elex. Virtually every month there is one AAA game available and several smaller quality titles of various genres. If you play a lot on the computer and like to try new things, you won’t go crazy with Humble Choice. In addition, unlike the PC Game Pass, the selected games will remain with him forever.

In the official help is information about what will happen to existing subscribers. In short – Classic users don’t have to deal with anything. For those with Basic or Premium, the subscription will be cheaper and all games will win every month. Whoever has the Lite will have their subscription expired and will have to pay a single Choice for 10 euros per month.

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