Hunting season has opened in the Astrakhan region - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The hunting season began in the Astrakhan region on September 25. Its main difference from the previous ones is that the deadlines for catching waterfowl have been extended: you can hunt birds not until the new year, as before, but until January 20. This will allow hunters to spend the New Year holidays doing what they love.

In total, there are more than 23 thousand hunters in the Astrakhan region. As reported to “RG” in the regional service of nature management and environmental protection, from September 25 it is allowed to catch geese, ducks, coots, cormorants, mute swans, herons, mallards, snipe, lapwings and other types of game. Hunting for fur-bearing animals will begin later – from November 1. Until December 31, it is allowed to catch a brown hare, and until the end of February – a fox, raccoon dogs, muskrat, otter, mink, wolf, jackal.

From October 1 until the end of winter, you can hunt wild boars. By the way, three years ago, hunting for this animal was banned due to the threat of extinction of the population, but gradually its numbers recovered.

The environmental management service drew attention to the fact that there is a punishment for the production of animals in excess of the established norms. For example, per day on the territory of public hunting grounds allowed catch no more than 13 ducks and two geese. For exceeding the limit, you will have to pay from 1.8 thousand to 5 thousand rubles for each extra individual, depending on the species. And the penalty for catching a heron in excess of the norm – two birds per day and ten per season – is 10 thousand rubles.

Inspectors often record violations among hunters such as the lack of permits for weapons or the extraction of hunting resources. Meanwhile, the fine for not providing them is up to four thousand rubles, with confiscation of weapons and deprivation of the right to hunt for up to two years.

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