Husband, Anger, Sufferings and Last years of the heroine of MAGUY

Rosy Varte died on January 13, 2012, at the age of 88. The heroine of the sitcom “Maguy” marked an entire generation. Her beginnings, her suffering, her anger, her “intermittent husband”, her last years… Secrets of a star who stimulated our zygomatics.

It’s been ten years since Rosy Varte breathed his last. Died on January 13, 2012 at the age of 88, the unforgettable Maguy forever marked the history of television. Able to cheer up even the most pessimistic, the actress has shown the extent of her talent in theater, television and film. But did you know that she had been abandoned by France 2 after stopping Maguy, that her real name was not Rosy Varte and that she had suffered during the last years of his life? Secrets of the endearing actress who left a great void after her departure.

Rosy Varte: real name and theater debut

Nevarte Manouelian, his real name, was born in Constantinople, in Turkey. but no document exists on his birth, which she places between 1923 and 1927. Her parents, restaurant owners of Armenian origin, settled in France when little Nevarte was only a few months old. Very quickly, she fell in love with theater and joined Jean Vilar’s Théâtre National Populaire, where she notably portrayed Mère Ubu in ubu king in 1958.”Working with Jean Vilar was not only a school but a great happiness“, she had confided to the Parisian. Then she integrates the French comedy, where she remained from 1971 to 1974.

Rosy Varte: success with “Maguy”

Then, it was at the cinema that she became better known to the general public. Rosy Varte notably embodies the sister of Jacques Brel in My Uncle Benjamin, by Edouard Molinaro. In 1985, it is the consecration. The actress is chosen to play Maguy, heroine of the first French sitcom, which recounts the adventures of a fifty-year-old married for the third time. Her husband, Georges, was played by Jean-Marc Thibault. His cleaning lady, Rose Le Plouhannec, was camped by Marthe Villalonga.

Rosy Varte: her “intermittent husband”

Rosy Varte is, until the end of her life, the wife of French director Pierre Badel. The ties between them are strong. However, the actress has a busy schedule that often prevents her from enjoying her romance. “Me the Rosy’s husband, I didn’t see her much. In the morning, she was on the radio, where she did major dramatic series, in the afternoon on television, in the evening at the theater and after the theater, very often, she went to the Trois Baudets where she did a bit of cabaret., he had assured the microphone d’Europe 1. And to add: “She worked roughly from 9 a.m. to midnight. When you have a husband in there it was not convenient. It was me, the intermittent husband“.

Rosy Varte: why she was “angry”

In 1987, she won the seven d’or for best actress. After her role in the TV movie directed by her husband, Good holidays, Rosy Varte is not however more requested by France 2 for new roles. So, Rosy Varte banged her fist on the table in 2005, with the Parisian: “I am very angry with France 2. The channel has been particularly ungrateful to me: it hasn’t offered me a role since ‘Bonnes vacances’“.

Rosy Varte, abandoned by France 2

From 1985, I have devoted all my time to “Maguy”, which obtained record audience ratings. As I played the main character, it was out of the question for me to be absent, unlike my partners, Jean-Marc Thibault and Marthe Villalonga. It didn’t cost me, the success was there, you had to go. So every day I was on set until 8 p.m. However, since the abrupt end of the series – on the grounds that it did not interest the new management -, France 2 made As if I did not exist“, explained Rosy Varte to the local daily. It must be said that the actress, as talented as she is loyal, was the only one in the cast to star in all 333 episodes of the sitcom.

Rosy Varte: her retirement with her husband

In 2007, five years before her death, she made her last television appearance in the TV movie Hubert and the Dog, by Laurence Katrian. When her husband to retire, she also goes green and lives her last years in “fishing in Brittany, in the Bénodet region, going out in Paris, taking a vacation wherever we want… Living, what“, she had explained to the Parisian.

Rosy Varte: what she suffered from

Unfortunately, during the last years of her life, Rosy Varte considerably weakened. “She suffered from respiratory failure for a long time. So she always dreamed of being able to resume. Corn she didn’t have the necessary strength. In addition, Rosy’s dynamism was turning against her, because she was offered pieces until the last moment, but they were dynamic pieces.“, had confided her husband to the microphone ofEurope 1.

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