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Larusso celebrates its 42 years on October 11. Her flamboyant beginnings, her heartaches, motherhood, what she paid dearly … Secrets of the star that no one has (finally) forgotten!

Larusso celebrates its 42 years October 11, 2021! Featured song in the late 90s, the artist was “forgotten” for a time, but is never far in the hearts of the French. Recently passed by the show Mask Singer, the sympathetic redhead has found the lights of the projectors and the happiness of the stage. His beginnings, his famous cousin, to sad heart story, son big, the maternity… What you (maybe) didn’t know about the singer with the undeniable groove.
Laetitia Serero, whose real name was, was born on October 11, 1979 in Paris and grew up raised by a father of Moroccan origin, who worked in finance then textiles, and a mother of Tunisian origin, a housewife.

Larusso is Arthur’s cousin

Larusso is the cousin from the famous animator Arthur, although she rarely sees him. “We have a lot of tenderness, respect and affection for each other. He is someone I really like. We don’t see each other, we don’t see each other especially. But when we are brought to cross we are super content, she confided to Purepeople. However, she would like to point out, the former flamboyant redhead owes her success only to herself and has never been boosted by her illustrious cousin!

Larusso participated in the Kid Bazar training

At the age of 11, Laetitia Serero gets noticed by Stephanie Fugain, who was at the time the wife of Michel Fugain, and recorded with the group Kid Bazar the song Fastoche. A first step in the light.

Larusso sang two songs by Régine

In 1998, she won the audition to record the French version from I Will Survive, I will Survive. The song adapted in French was originally recorded by Regine at the end of the 1970s. Thanks to this piece, Larusso gains in recognition and tastes the success lip service. It was only a few months later that she recorded what would become her biggest hit, You will forget me, another cover that was originally sung by Regine. The track remained at the top of the charts for several weeks.

Larusso opened for Johnny

In the summer of 1999, she was chosen by Johnny Hallyday to do the first parts of his shows, on more than 40 dates. She sings in particular in duet with him, his famous title Desire. A blessed time for the singer whose first album, Simply, is then rewarded with a disque d’or.

She got her heart broken by …

After having fallen into oblivion (as his hit prophesied) for ten years, Larusso made his comeback on the front of the French scene in 2009, with his album My Box. But the press talks more about his love story misguided with the businessman Michael Benisty, who broke up with her ten days after she joined him in New York, while the singer was already thinking of wedding. “a choc like the one that I lived, no, we do not cure it like that, in a snap of the fingers, not in six months … It will take a little longer than that“she confided to Purepeople.

What she paid dearly

If Larusso does not manage to regain its former success, it is for a very specific reason, according to her. “I think there was a media overdose because of ‘You will forget me’. Some people in this profession got a little fed up. My head was not coming back to them, I don’t know… I maybe got them a little too drunk at the time and there are some people who have block“, declared Larusso at the microphone of South Radio. And to add: “I think I am paying dearly for my ‘You will forget me’. I pay it dearly (…) I took it in the face“.

Her husband is her “best friend”

Larusso is married for several years to a man whose name it is. “Besides being my husband, it’s my best friend, he’s my confidant, he’s my rock, he’s my protector. We really want the other to be good. As long as I’m happy with what I’m doing, there’s no harm around me, he’s the happiest in the world“she told Gala.

Why she has no children

Larusso has no children at the moment, but one day she hopes to start a family. “Not having children is not a choice. I let God and things take care of it (…) However, we are working on it with my husband“, she confided with a touch of humor to Closer.

Larusso was one-armed in Mask Singer

At the end of 2020, Larusso won the second season of Mask Singer, and hides under the penguin costume. “This show did me a lot of good. I said yes right away because I love it sing and dress up. I am fully in the world of Disney, I do not want to grow up. I was in a super playful thing that also upset me because, at each bonus, hearing people say that they rediscovered me and that they loved me again was fabulous“she told LCI. Shortly after her victory, she released as a single one of the songs she performed in her costume, All The Cries The SOS

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