'I arrive at Fluminense with the conviction that we have everything to compete and win titles', says Willian Bigode

declares the 35-year-old player (Reproduction / Flu TV)

Striker Willian Bigode did not hide his optimism as he was about to start his career in Fluminense. In a press conference given after his presentation this Friday (14), the 35-year-old player praised the fact of arriving at a club that is very competitive.

– I believe that, wherever I went, I found quality, competitive, united groups. When I arrived at Fluminense, I knew about the healthy dispute, the family atmosphere. I arrive here with the conviction that we have everything to compete and win titles. Of course, the other teams are also preparing to try to win. But Fluminense is building this group, they have a lot of ambition, training has been very strong… – he said.

Regarding the proximity of the Copa Libertadores dispute, Willian detailed.

– Let’s focus on Millonarios. We have to play great games. It’s a long road, but with the goal of always winning. It is the goal of every athlete to leave his name in the club’s history. – he declared.

The athlete also said that he spoke with coach Abel Braga about his way of playing.

– People always talk. It is normal when you arrive at the club to have this dialogue with the coach. He also already knows my characteristics, he’s played against a lot (laughs), and I do have that position I like to play the most. And he also knows that he can count on me in other positions: second striker, playing inside, floating… – and he added:

– And, yes, the position I (most) like is with more freedom in the front, we already talked about that – he concluded.

The striker spoke about the fact of working with Fred and the mix that the tricolors have been doing in the squad.

– I come to learn from Fred, who is a player with a beautiful history here, a great winner, with all his potential, his experience. We also come here to learn a lot from him, to be able to add up, and together with these kids, who have a huge potential, with a lot of quality. I believe that this mix is ​​really important, one completing the other on the field, forming a very competitive group – he said.



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