‘I couldn’t wait any longer to gather’, says Daniela Mercury

The singer Daniela Mercury dragged the public at Circuito Osmar (Campo Grande), this Tuesday afternoon (21), with new and old hits of Bahian axé. Dressed as a queen, the artist spoke about the process of creating the song on the album ‘Baiana’ and sent a message of hope to the revelers.

I made the song jumping around in the kitchen. I couldn’t stand to wait for Carnival to get together. I just wanted to see us crowding together again, being able to touch each other, look each other in the eye. Carnival gives us this great lesson, because we need everyone to be happy. Individual happiness does not solve our happiness together. I think we learned that.”scored.

Teammates Rafael Lira and Michel Platini came from Brasilia to accompany Daniela Mercury during the six days of revelry. Married for seven years, they met at the Queen of Axé Music concert at the 2016 Carnival, at Circuito Dodô. With tickets purchased for São Paulo, Michel reinforced that he follows the artist all over the country.

I met my partner in Salvador, at Daniela Mercury’s block. In fact, we are having cotton weddings here. Every day Daniela goes out, we go out too, buy the abadá, come with popcorn…”. And completed about the number of free attractions. “We are loving the fact that the City Hall has increased the number of free blocks”.

Rafael, 35 years old, preferred to extol the atmosphere of tranquility on the circuits of the biggest Carnival in the world. According to the public servant, joy, love and peace dictated the Soteropolitan revelry in 2023. “I saw less violence, more organization on the part of the City Hall. Looks like there’s a new light in town. You feel safe, everything is beautiful”he said.

The Circuito Osmar program was full of great attractions on this last day of Carnival, among them: Saulo Fernandes, Xanddy Harmonia, Durval Lelys, Daniela Mercury, Léo Santana, Parangolé and Carlinhos Brown.

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