Guidonia Montecelio, an Italian postal paradísica.

The scene made by Mastroianni or himself Ugo Tognazzi it would have been cult … and a Albertone Sordi like the august police chief to whom the condemned man’s order is taken, and he leaves his office with a serious gesture, inviting us to smile just imagining it … The scene reflects the situation experienced in a police station in an Italian town, where An Albanian convicted of drug trafficking crimes and who had received a judicial dispensation from house arrest some time ago, went to beg the carabinieri to return him to prison, for a reason worthy of those colossi of Italian satire:“I can’t stand my family anymore, my house is hell, please send me back to jail, I’d rather be in prison …”.

The scene deserved comments of all kinds, and the Italian sharpness titled: “Better in prison than under house arrest with his wife. 30-year-old Albanian escapes from home preferring to go to jail” (Better in jail than under house arrest with his wife. 30-year-old Albanian escapes from home and prefers to go to jail) and although the name did not come out, they say that it was this Saturday around midnight in Guidonia Monteceliola, a municipality near Rome, like a heavenly postcard on the side of a mountain, where the houses seem stacked and there are cobbled streets worthy of a dream.

There, in the section of the carabinieri place, the young Albanian narco then appeared and recounted his drama: “My house is hell, I couldn’t take house arrest anymore, I can’t stand my family anymore, I don’t want the house arrest they gave me anymore …”. And the last sentence left no doubts about that volcanic Albanian home: “I’ll be better off in jail.”

Guidonia Montecelio, the small town in the province of Rome where an Albanian wanted to go back to jail “so as not to put up with his family.”

Shocked, the first reaction of the uniformed men was to return the Albanian to his home, because they did not have the power to make a decision of obvious judicial tone. But someone came up with “saving” him: how he had violated his house arrest by going to the police station, and that was a crime, “they proceeded to arrest him and send him to jail.”

“The individual can no longer cope with forced cohabitation with his wife and family”, said the brief statement from the “carabinieri” of Tivoli, the neighboring city that controls the Guidonia Montecelio branch. And quoted by AFP, Captain Francesco Giacomo Ferrante, limited himself to saying that the Albanian “spent several months under house arrest for drug-related crimes and is sentenced for several more years.”

“He lived at home with his wife and family, but things were not going well”added Captain Ferrante, noting that the Albanian begged him to be sent to prison: “Listen, my family life has become hell, I can’t take it anymore, I want to go to prison …”.


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