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Galão da Massa is very close to winning the Brazilian Championship and already receives great praise

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Cuca made a comeback at Galão da Massa
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF – Cuca made a comeback at Galão da Massa

Atlético-MG is on the verge of becoming champion Brazilian. The team was very focused throughout the championship, got important points and has everything to lift the cup at the end of the season. Not to mention that Galão da Massa can still raise another mug: the Copa do Brasil, against Athletico-PR.

The Disney Channels Commentator, Gian Oddi, praised Alvinegro’s campaign in Brasileirão and said that the team will be champion with all the merits, mainly for the quality of the athletic players. They are far above average and are playing at a high level.

I think the Brazilian Championship is resolved, I already said that. I think that the quality of Rooster is resolved, for what this team plays and for the result it achieves even when it doesn’t play. I don’t think there is any reason to worry too much. Of course the fans wanted and prefer to be champion at Mineirão, I think this is a point“, said during the last program of “Linha de Passe”.

The journalist also spoke about the duel against Palmeiras, which ended in a draw at Allianz Parque: “Beating Palmeiras would give Atlético the chance to leave the champions in the game against Fluminense. It’s nicer to be champion at home, at your stadium, with the crowd full, than to be champion in Bahia, but I’m sure Cuca, being the way he is, will do his best to win as soon as possible. If it’s in Salvador, so be it. I only regret that I didn’t win today (Tuesday), because I could be champion at Mineirão“, added.

On the field, Atlético prepares to face Fluminense, next Sunday (28), at Mineirão, at 16:00. The promise is for a large audience to witness another Galão match at home.

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