I love you to the moon has a very soft code, according to its protagonists

Julia and Pablo met when they were seven years old, they were friends, boyfriends and, at twenty-five they separated. But they had already paid for their dream: a trip to the moon. This is the plot of I love you to the moon, a play by the off Corrientes that now disembarks every Tuesday at the Metropólitan Sura theater. An original of Matías Puricelli, Sofía González Gil and Fran Ruiz Barlett now has new interpreters, Carolina Kopelioff and Alan Madanes, who explain the implications of assuming the leading roles contained and guided by the creators of this delicious experience. Here they both explain how the creative process was and also answer what they would take on a trip in a spaceship and to whom:

Undoubtedly, going to see them at the theater will be a very rewarding experience and one that makes no distinction of age, since the work goes through emotion without resorting to low blows and makes it ideal for young audiences to enjoy it.

You can buy tickets at Planteanet.

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