To the miserable, not even fair justice - 11/10/2021 - Conrado Hübner Mendes

Augusto Aras works. He wastes legal license and verbal nonsense not to do what he does not do or let someone else do it. Like the duty to investigate high-caliber authorities.

There is no lack of ingenuity and sweat to neutralize the top and intimidate the base of the Public Ministry, thus producing impunity on a scale. The PGR does not suffer from indolence and weakness of will.

Jair Bolsonaro explored the poorly perceived crater of the Brazilian Constitution: he appointed attorney general out of the career triple list; he said, on day one, that the PGR was in the running for the STF if it was well behaved, as it does not need to comply with quarantine.

It was up to Aras to adhere to the contract and ensure omission, without losing the veneer of legality. He became the trustee of this architecture of omission.

Aras made himself the only unappealable individual authority in the country. STF accommodated itself in this interpretation and there was no way out. Aras can file any investigation request.

It built an even more elaborate path: it announces the opening of “preliminary investigations” which, unlike an inquiry, do not require STF supervision. And, when convenient, without fanfare, have it filed.

In this way, it judges to fulfill its official goal of “depoliticizing the MP”, supposedly invaded by “political and ideological factions”, and “decriminalizing politics”. In practice, he left the institution in the pay of the most lethal ideology in Brazilian history.

In pen and speech, there is no known act by Aras that has contradicted Bolsonaro, the president of 140 impeachment requests and five complaints to the International Criminal Court, who does not face Covid as “pussy”, but with an “open chest”, without mask and without vaccine.

This recap has been well told and documented.

On October 27, he received the final report of the Senate CPI on the pandemic, a document that points out responsibilities in the greatest humanitarian tragedy in Brazilian history. Aras asked for a month to analyze.

In the meantime, he was asked by the Senate to account for his silence. He announced that this Saturday, November 27, he will announce the arrangements.

I would like to place a bet with Aras. I list five expectations that you must fulfill this Saturday. First, I bet on the flowery verb and the furrowed brow, a beard.

Second, I bet it will reduce the value of the CPI’s work. It must concentrate its forces on questioning the legality of the evidence produced there. Instead of making criminal referrals, you should spend as much time as possible in trying to redo what the CPI has already done. Delaying technique.

The codes for this he has already spelled out: “reserve of jurisdiction” and “chain of custody”, two requirements that the CPI has not violated.

This disrespect for the work of the CPI also implies two contradictions: when Rosa Weber, during the CPI, requested an investigation by the PGR, she stated that the CPI had already been investigating and, therefore, nothing was hers to do; it also ignores that the Constitution gives the CPI investigative powers similar to judicial ones.

Third, I bet there will be no complaint against the relevant actor. Maybe against some common soldier.

Fourth, I bet that, if there is an inquiry, it will move at a snail’s pace, like the inquiry into interference in the Federal Police. Will abuse the procedural incident.

Fifth, I’m betting that it will try to keep actors without privileged jurisdiction (such as Carlos Bolsonaro) under its purview, preventing the first instance. It will build some artificial connection to support the maneuver.

If I lose, I offer five books from the shelf devoted to the vices and virtues of politics: “Discourse on Voluntary Servitude” (La Boétie); “History of a Cowardice” (Mauricio de Lacerda, who describes the state of siege that led to his imprisonment in the 1920s); “Pulhas de Batina” (Francisco da Silva).

And two inspiring books on the cutting edge of 20th-century award-winning collaboration: “Hitler’s Collaborators” (Philip Morgan); “Perpetrating the Holocaust: Leaders, Facilitators, and Collaborators” (Paul Bartrop and Eve Grimm).

To the senators who believed in a more independent and chaste Aras in the second term, as if from servility emerged a relaxed and respectable public servant, I offer a Kopenhagen honey bread straight from Barra da Tijuca. It will be on account of the store owner, in gratitude for the decriminalization of the policy.

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