On the set of

On the set of “Cruel Romance” Larisa was seriously carried away by Nikita Mikhalkov. Photo: Still from the film

Larisa Guzeeva was hospitalized on September 27 with coronavirus at the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka. Despite her grave condition, the 62-year-old host of the Let’s Get Married! got in touch with fans on Instagram. The actress asked not to disturb her relatives with questions. “I’m not Stalin, so that the whole country would be told what was wrong with me,” Guzeeva joked. And she admitted that she was very scared.

Fate has repeatedly tested Larisa’s strength. We decided to remember its ups and downs today.

Death of brother

Guzeeva’s calling card in cinema is the role of Larisa Ogudalova in Eldar Ryazanov’s Cruel Romance. The actress has repeatedly admitted that she has nothing in common with this heroine. She was never shy. From her youth, she was distinguished by a rebellious disposition. She defended her own opinion and argued not only with the teachers, but also with the director of the school, who at the graduation ceremony presented the future star with flowers with the words: “Thank you, God.”

There was also a serious shock in childhood, which left a scar for life. Larisa’s three-year-old brother died tragically. He grabbed a hose from a working washing machine and inhaled the water that had entered his lungs. Guzeeva could not forgive herself for not keeping track. Years later, when Larisa had a son, he, in her words, very much reminded her of her outwardly deceased brother.

Larissa with her son George and daughter Olga.

Larissa with her son George and daughter Olga.

Photo: Instagram.com

“Choi is not worthy”

Guzeeva has always had a high opinion of her appearance. Larissa was especially proud of her long hair. But when she came to submit documents to the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, she saw that among her competitors there were a lot of beauties with luxurious hair. To stand out, an applicant from the Orenburg region shaved to zero. The examiners appreciated the originality and accepted the girl.

In Leningrad, Larisa met the avant-garde musician Sergei Kurekhin. He performed with the musicians of the Aquarium group and brought his girlfriend to the St. Petersburg rock party. There Larissa became her own – she smoked “Belomor”, she could, according to her, slap a glass of port on equal terms with the guys, curse and dress provocatively. Hanging out in the company of Tsoi and Grebenshchikov, whom she did not like.

As a student, Larisa lived with the St. Petersburg musician Sergei Kurekhin.  Photo: Wikipedia commons

As a student, Larisa lived with the St. Petersburg musician Sergei Kurekhin. Photo: Wikipedia commons

– Vitya Tsoi tried to whip after me. But he didn’t interest me. I was terribly arrogant, – Guzeeva confessed. – I looked at Tsoi like that: with narrow eyes, an ugly guy. Hair is dirty. Three stupid hairs, walks with a ponytail. It’s just when you are in real time with these people … And Kuryokhin was recognized as a genius later.

She then lived with Kuryokhin, who taught her life to a drunken head.

– To say that I was happy in this tiny room with a bed and a piano, where he lived with his sister – no. There was nothing good – when you have nothing to eat, there is no money, and they are all crazy musicians, selfish, – the actress recalled.

Her fellow students avoided her and, when they wanted to send Guzeev from the exchange institute to Bulgaria, they voted against. Nevertheless, the bright student was noticed by director Stanislav Govorukhin, who invited her to star in an episode of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed.” Larisa played the girl with whom the operative Kolya Taraskin is dancing in the restaurant.

An affair with Nikita Mikhalkov

Life with rocker Kurekhin was like a powder keg.

– He taught me to read books, listen to music. He raised me, but how he broke! – Guzeeva admitted. – I did not make any discounts either for my age or for the fact that I am from the provinces. He was angry with his tongue, he could humiliate, and I am a vulnerable person. The period came when we could no longer be together.

After parting with Kurekhin, Larisa started an affair with actor Sergei Shakurov. He was the complete opposite of a rocker: delicate, soft, wise, 17 years older. It was he who brought the fourth-year student Larissa to audition for “Cruel Romance”. Shakurov auditioned for the main role of Paratov. But in the end he could not play because of the theatrical project, and Nikita Mikhalkov took his place. And the director suddenly chose Guzeeva for the main female role – he said that he had decided to take on a new face. Ironically, Larisa, filming with Mikhalkov, fell in love with him in life, forgetting about Shakurov. She admitted that she lost her head from his charm, but their relationship was not destined to last. “Later I was like a wounded bird,” Guzeeva said about falling in love with Mikhalkov. “We are worn out with her,” the director later said about Guzeeva. The character of the actress was not sugar. But venerable partners did their best to help her cope with the role. And after the release of the film, the 24-year-old singer woke up famous.

“Popper, you fool, for a bottle”

In 1984, on the set of the film “Rivals”, Guzeeva met her first husband, Ilya Drevnov. He was a camera assistant, a confident, handsome young man. After a short courtship, he offered to start a family, and Guzeeva agreed. The husband gave the impression of a prosperous person. But after the wedding it was revealed that he was a drug addict, was on a needle, and even drunk. In addition, he served twice for theft. Guzeeva spent a lot of effort to help her beloved recover: she took him to the doctors, sent him to the clinics, but nothing helped.

Her first husband, Ilya Drevnov, turned out to be a drug addict.

Her first husband, Ilya Drevnov, turned out to be a drug addict.

Photo: Instagram.com

While struggling with her husband’s bad habits, and she herself began to abuse him. Larisa did not notice how she became addicted to alcohol, after which drinking with her husband turned into their everyday life. Due to drunkenness, problems with work began. And the husband was also prone to domestic violence.

– The roof is driven by alcohol and a certain lifestyle. I know this firsthand, I lived in this, ”Guzeeva once admitted on the air of the program“ Let’s get married! ”. – I was nasty, dirty. When I was drinking, there was an alcoholic and a drug addict with me. He beat me like a tambourine. He tapped his temple with a dumbbell and watched whether my pupils dilated or narrowed. He just sat and beat me with a dumbbell. Okay, I didn’t.

At some moment of enlightenment, Larisa realized that the next blow could be the last.

– Before that, we fought, and then we made up. When I realized that one more blow to the temple could be the last, I said: “Lord, if I survive, I’ll leave,” the actress recalled.

Larisa ran away from her husband in 1991. Later, Ilya died of an overdose – his body was found in the park.

It took some time to get rid of alcohol addiction.

– I sank to this very bottom, – said the actress. – I remember, late in the evening, staggering, walked down the street. And suddenly I saw that two guys were following me. And in my head: “Well, dear, you sailed! They will kill – and you will not have time to utter a word! And all because of the damn alcohol. I got flooded, you fool, for a bottle. ” Not killed by a miracle! I was able to convince the bandits not to touch me. She said that she was an actress, I act in films. But after this incident, I gave up alcohol. I went, recovered and said: “I won’t live like this anymore.”

Fighting breakdowns

The second husband is the Georgian philologist Kakha Tolordava. Photo: Still from the film “In Search of the Lost Treasure”, 1987

In 1991, on the set of the film “The Chosen One”, Guzeeva found a new husband. The Georgian film editor Kakha Tolordava beautifully courted the actress. And she wanted to give birth to a child from him. The son George was born. But at that time, she still had alcoholic breakdowns, which her husband did not like very much.

– Do you know how I drank with my Georgian husband? – the star confessed. – He knew that I was not allowed. I put a bottle of beer or dry wine – I had it all over the place, drank three sips and ran away somewhere. No one came, and he said: “Lara, you mustn’t drink. Three sips of wine – and already drunk. ” He didn’t know about my stash.

After several years of marriage, the actress divorced her husband. Kakha left for Georgia, which made their son very worried.

Main man

For 20 years, the TV star has been happily married to restaurateur Igor Bukharov.

For 20 years, the TV star has been happily married to restaurateur Igor Bukharov.

Guzeeva’s current husband is a restaurateur Igor Bukharov. They had known each other since the age of 18 (they met in a common company), but then Igor was embarrassed to confess his feelings to her.

“It was impossible to even approach Larisa,” her future husband recalled. – Around her, very old youths were spinning, and the rest were just drooling with envy.

After a divorce from her second husband, with a child in her arms, Guzeeva barely made ends meet. Once, a friend of Vera Glagoleva invited her to a new restaurant, co-owned by Bukharov. He still dreamed of a star. And she asked bluntly for help.

– Here in Moscow now, with a child, with a mother. I bought an apartment, thank God. I hope to stay here forever. Igor, maybe you will sometimes help me in everyday matters? – asked Guzeeva.

Bukharov promised to help. And he solved family problems.

“I just had to thank him. With what? Only by herself, by her beautiful body, ”Guzeeva sarcastically. – I thought: “It will not be less from me.” Once I told my mother: “I need to do something nice for Igor, I’ll go at least sit in a restaurant with him”. Let’s go, sit, and then go to the hotel.

And yet Guzeeva continued to look for a future husband among rich men, not counting Bukharov as a worthy candidate.

– I was blind – I did not see that happiness was near, – then she will say.

Bukharov waited patiently. She married him only in 1999, already pregnant. Soon the daughter Olga was born. And in 2008, Guzeeva was invited to television, and she turned into a star presenter.


Nagiyev nicknamed “the juicer”

Dmitry Nagiyev nicknamed Larisa “a juicer”.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Once a young student Dmitry Nagiyev, the future star presenter, came into Larisa’s field of vision. “It was a flash, a splash!” – Nagiyev recalled an affair with Guzeeva.

– Then I was so far-sighted that I had an affair with him even before it became fashionable. I’ll tell you the truth, I could have sex with Nagiyev for a long time! And he – not always! The nickname “juicer” remained in memory of that connection. With the light hand of Dima, I wore it for a long time, – Guzeeva laughed.


Cheating in marriage

The family life of the TV presenter, despite the ideal husband, is not cloudless. Larisa said that she once cheated on her husband.

– It just so happened, and I confessed everything to my husband. For the first time in his life, he raised his hand to me. Well, how else could a man react to such a statement? – the star confessed.

At the same time, the actress herself often arranged scenes of jealousy for Igor Bukharov, checked his mobile and read SMS.

The daughter also gave trouble to the star mother. Olga has a stormy temperament. One day, a girl in anger ransacked a room and damaged the furniture. As a child, Olga was attached to her grandmother, who sat with her. And she did not want to call Guzeeva, who is often absent from home, a mother. But lately, the relationship between mother and daughter has warmed up.

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