"We are too much in the communication, not enough in the actions and the citizen realizes it"

Invited in Déclic, 25 years after the discovery of the lifeless body of his daughter Mélissa and his girlfriend Julie Lejeune, Gino Russo expressed an anger that still lives in him today, in relation to certain dysfunctions in Belgium and in relation to the injustices that remain.

“Me, you know, I felt like those who recently spent 24 hours on the roof of their house, surrounded by water and no one was coming to help… I felt the same situation 25 years ago, with the feeling that there was no respondent, when what we wanted was that we find our daughters “. Despite the time that has elapsed, despite the commissions of inquiry, the reforms, Gino Russo believes that in substance, some things have not changed. “In some respects, the situation has even worsened, I think. We are too much in communication and not enough in actions. The discourse no longer holds up with reality … and that, the citizen realizes, more and more. more

However, does he think of one day getting involved politically, of becoming the Hérault of the growing mistrust among the population, in the face of politics? Even if he doesn’t close the door completely, the answer is pretty straightforward: “I have already imagined it, fantasized … but in fact, I am an anarchist and I cannot bear to be in a structure where I am guided and that will be complicated in a party and in a political structure”.

AND Gino Russo adds: “I was taken for an idiot and that simplified my task, not being formatted university but rather coming from the working class, I think that they did not know how to master me”

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