‘I was worried’, admits Bruno Reis about pre-carnival

After two years, Carnival in Salvador is back with everything it deserves, including the now traditional pre-carnival parties. This year, Furdunço registered around 1 million people, which was especially after Baiana System. A crowd also followed Léo Santana at Pipoco on Tuesday (14).

The mayor of Salvador, Bruno Reis, revealed that he was apprehensive in view of the proportion that the events took, but stated that “everything is working well”.

“The pre-carnival was a success. I confess that I got butterflies in my stomach and a lot of concern when I saw the crowd on Sunday, at Furdunço, and at Pipoco, on Tuesday, I thought: ‘my God, there are a lot of people’. But today, Thursday, everything is working fine and I hope that in the coming days we will be able to do the job and offer ever better services to these people”, he told the iBahia this Thursday (16), at Camarote Salvador.

On the first official day of Carnival, popcorn hired by the city of Salvador paraded on the circuit, as did Ivete Sangalo, Léo Santana, Saulo and Claudia Leitte.

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