I watched Groundhog Day for the first time

Time loop concept perfected

When I think of a production where a character relives a day over and over again, Season 3, Episode 11 of “Supernatural” springs to mind – and the very title “And Daily Greetings…” shows that it’s clearly a homage to the Bill Murray movie. It was only now that I really realized it. I still remember Dean’s “Rise and Shine”, a direct quote from the time warp film. This proves once again how much “Groundhog Day” is a cult and still part of pop culture and will probably always remain so. This is an extraordinary achievement that needs to be imitated first.

The only thing I knew before watching Groundhog Day was that there is a time warp at the center of the film. Since the comedy is still on everyone’s lips today, I was aware that something had to be offered here that justifies this reputation. So “Groundhog Day” couldn’t have been a run-of-the-mill time warp film, and the comedy is far from it.

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