Larisa Guzeeva.  Photo: video frame.

Larisa Guzeeva. Photo: video frame.

Larisa Guzeeva has been happy with the restaurateur Igor Bukharov for more than 20 years. Passions seethed in their marriage more than once. The TV presenter admitted that she was not always faithful to her husband. And he more than once gave Larisa reasons for jealousy. Nevertheless, the family life of a star couple can be called quite harmonious. Over the years, they have become such dear people to each other that Larisa can easily borrow some items from her husband’s wardrobe. In the next episode of the Let’s Get Married! The 62-year-old TV matchmaker admitted that she sometimes wears her husband’s underwear.

Guzeeva made a spicy confession in a dispute with one of the program participants. The man complained about his ex-wife, calling her inadequate and making various claims to her. The very culprit of the discord was also present in the studio. In her defense, the woman said that her husband had slandered her. In addition, she accused him of pettiness. Like, during his life together, he always found fault with her over trifles, for example, to the fact that she wore his socks.

– Well, I wear my husband’s family panties at home, because they are comfortable in them. What is it? – said Guzeeva ironically, standing up to defend the woman.

The actress has been happy with the restaurateur Igor Bukharov for more than 20 years.  Photo: video frame.

The actress has been happy with the restaurateur Igor Bukharov for more than 20 years. Photo: video frame.

The actress met her third husband Igor Bukharov when she was 18 and he was 17 years old. Bukharov admitted that he fell in love with Larisa at first sight, but was afraid to even approach her. Recognized beauty, she then dizzy many guys. Then life divorced them. In 1984, on the set of the film “Rivals”, the actress met her first husband, Ilya. He worked as an assistant cameraman for this film. All the years of marriage, Larisa fought against his addiction to drugs, but to no avail. In 1991, after seven years of marriage, she left her husband. He subsequently died of an overdose.

Larisa’s second husband – Georgian editor Kakha Tolordava – met Guzeeva on the set of the film “The Chosen One” directed by Mikhail Kalatozishvili. In the picture, he had a small role as a priest. Guzeeva married him when she found out that she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, George. Their marriage was short-lived. Larisa was then at the peak of popularity, so she preferred a career to a family.

She met Igor Bukharov in a difficult time: the 90s were going on, the actress was raising her little son alone. Guzeeva then moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow with her mother and child. Igor was very supportive of her, he was always there at the right time, substituting his shoulder. As the actress admitted, she started an affair with her future husband rather out of gratitude.

“I just had to thank him. With what? Only by herself, by her beautiful body, – Guzeeva sarcastically. – I thought: “It will not be less from me.” I say to my mother once: “I must do something nice for Igor, I’ll go at least sit in a restaurant with him.” Let’s go, sat down, and then went to the hotel.

Bukharov patiently waited for her to understand that he was her destiny. The actress married him only in 1999, when she became pregnant. Soon their daughter Olga was born.

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