A series of tragic incidents, where legally obtained firearms were used for criminal purposes, forces the authorities to tighten control over their circulation in Russia. In the State Duma, on the initiative of the Russian Guard, they propose to introduce another basis for refusing to obtain a license – at the conclusion of specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB. Izvestia experts assessed the effectiveness of the proposed measures and described how the purchase of firearms in other countries is regulated.

What’s new

The draft provides additional grounds for refusing to issue weapons licenses. It is proposed not to issue a permit to persons who have not passed the inspection of the police and the FSB. In such cases, it implies the issuance of a special opinion “on the impossibility of owning a weapon due to the increased risk of violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens.”

“The restrictions introduced are aimed at preventing the possession of weapons by citizens of the Russian Federation involved in organized criminal activities, including extremist or terrorist activities, as well as preventing citizens of the Russian Federation from gaining access to weapons who intend to use them for illegal, criminal purposes,” he explained. Izvestia “official representative of the Russian Guard Valery Gribakin.

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At the same time, the bill proposes to facilitate the procedure for obtaining a license to purchase weapons for civil servants, military and security officials.

“Taking into account that in relation to citizens serving in state paramilitary organizations and having military ranks or special ranks or class ranks of justice, as well as civil servants in connection with the passage of service, measures are being taken, provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, they are checked to obtain a license to acquire weapons seem inappropriate “, – says the explanatory note.

Why is it good

According to the head of the Federal Coordination Center for the heads of security structures, Alexander Kozlov, this is a very necessary initiative, which will give specialists a legal instrument, in particular, for the prevention of accidents in educational institutions.

“In the wake of the tragedy in Perm, it was reported that the perpetrator had not been identified due to low activity on the Internet,” the expert told Izvestia. – Imagine the situation, someone found out that [такой человек] interested in a specific topic, and reported this to law enforcement agencies in order to prohibit him from receiving weapons. And he has all the documents in order, he handed over a certificate from a narcologist, he is not a drug addict, he is not registered. No criminal record, passed the medical commission. Point. The fact that a person is infantile, has not matured as a person, does not bother anyone now – even if he is refused, he goes to court, and the court makes a decision in his favor. He receives a gun six months or a year later and embodies his terrible scenario.

According to Kozlov, the security business will not be affected in any way in connection with the innovation.

– It will definitely not hit us. Moreover, the heads of security structures will only say thank you – additional risks are removed from them. Weapon possession is not a basic necessity. Having received a ban on the possession of weapons, a person will not die of hunger, will not get sick with anything, his life, health, well-being will not be in danger.

The hunt is worse than bondage

Kozlov draws attention to the growing danger of firearms falling into the hands of mentally and morally unprepared young people, who are also often under the influence of destructive groups in social networks. At the same time, the expert emphasized that there are regions where hunting has traditionally been practiced from an early age.


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– Everything is clear and understandable there, the father from the age of 6 teaches his son to a gun under supervision. They go to the forest, hunt for an animal. Then he joins the hunting society, where as many people as he wants will vouch for him. Another thing is when a young man receives a weapon, ostensibly for self-defense in the city. Actually, it’s not entirely clear where he is going to apply it? When will they get into the apartment? But such cases are scanty.

Lawyer Ekaterina Chernysheva also recalled the institution of surety for a new hunter as an effective preventive measure.

– If you pay attention to the Soviet system, it consisted in the fact that senior comrades were directly responsible for the young hunter. They knew the person by sight, since he had been an internship for a year before joining the hunting society, was in their sight, – says the lawyer.

Tightening trend

V Argentina, like ours, you can buy weapons from the age of 21. The examination of candidates for a license is carried out by a special organization ANMAC, the doctors and psychologists who issue the conclusion are certified in this structure, and each owner of the weapon is obliged to pass an exam with a shooting instructor and provide a police clearance certificate. In addition, a person must prove that he leads a decent lifestyle and has legal sources of income – as a rule, this is a certificate of income or a recommendation from the place of work.

In a number of countries, the age limit for obtaining weapons is higher than in Russia. For example, in Brazil it is legal receive weapons for self-defense are possible only from the age of 25. Hunting weapons – also after this age, but only for rural residents, with confirmation of the fact that such a craft is necessary to ensure a normal life for the applicant and his family. It also requires materials that characterize a person from a positive side.


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In Canada, the rules for the circulation of weapons are constantly being tightened. This spring, legal owners of barrels (there are about 75 thousand of them in the local association) actively criticized the bill, which once again limited the turnover, calling the initiative “an attack on the culture and heritage of the country.” Meanwhile, ordinary Canadians supported government initiative. The bill toughened penalties for illegal arms trafficking and theft and gave local authorities the opportunity to impose additional restrictions. The program also provides for the purchase of weapons from the population.

System work

The amendments prepared by the Russian Guard is another step in the system of measures to regulate the system of possession of firearms. We will remind, on June 28, President Vladimir Putin signed a law raising the age of acquisition of hunting and firearms, smooth-bore, long-barreled self-defense weapons to 21 years. In addition, there are severe restrictions for those who have had problems with the law in the past. Earlier in June, the State Duma adopted a law to strengthen state control over the circulation of weapons. The document significantly expands the possibilities of medical testing of the applicant – the list of research will be approved by the government.

“The examination, which can only be carried out by state and municipal medical organizations, will have to include psychological testing and analyzes for the presence of drugs, psychotropic substances and their metabolites in the body.”, – reported in the lower house of the Russian parliament. Measures have also been taken to avoid falsification of medical certificates – Rosgvardia will receive an electronic notification from the Ministry of Health about each certificate issued.

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