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Técnico wants a striker to close the squad on the eve of the Club World Cup, but Anderson Barros has had difficulties in the market. Borré, Taty Castellanos, Yuri Alberto have already been tried without success by the manager

Photo: Montagens by César Greco - Anderson Barros became the target of fury from Palmeiras fans;  wing asks for return of Mattos
Photo: Montagens by César Greco – Anderson Barros became the target of fury from Palmeiras fans; wing asks for return of Mattos

On the afternoon of this Friday (14), the fan of the palm trees lost patience once and for all with the football board. More precisely with the executive Anderson Barros after failing to negotiate with striker Lucas Alario, from Bayer Leverkusen. After the player waved positively to play in Abel Ferreira’s team, the German club ended the negotiations for not agreeing with the alviverde offer that arrived in the Old Continent.

According to information from colleague André Hernan, from TV Globo, the failure in negotiations with Leverkusen was due to the conditions offered by Palmeiras. First, the offer would envision a free loan from Alario with Alviverde paying 100% of the player’s salaries. The Germans refused, as they paid a good amount in 2017 to sign him from River Plate.

After receiving the “no” for the free loan, Palmeiras offered 300 thousand euros to have Alário for a year. At the end of the period, Verdão would have a fixed purchase option for an amount agreed with the Germans. In this way, Bayer ended the negotiations, to the despair and indignation of the alviverde fans on social networks.

On Twitter, the term “Barros” has already reached the trending topics and even the hashtag #ForaBarros was built by the people of Palmeiras. The manager has been the target of criticism for a long time for failed negotiations for a shirt 9 of weight, desire of Abel Ferreira since the beginning of last season. It was like that with Borré, Taty Castellanos, Yuri Alberto, João Pedro and, now, Alario.

Many Palestinians came to ask again for the return of Alexandre Mattos, which is free on the market after a disagreement with Ronaldo Fenômeno’s Cruzeiro. From 2015 to 2019, the manager was at the head of the football department and maintained an aggressive stance in the market.

Names like Dudu, Lucas Barrios, Moisés, Borja, Yerry Mina, Gustavo Gómez and more than 90 players arrived at the Football Academy thanks to Mattos’ power of persuasion, something that, for many Palestinians, is lacking in Barros. There were those who claimed that, with Alexandre, Palmeiras would have already brought Alario and other speculators.

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