From the offices of MolenGeek, where young people learn to train in new technologies, Ibrahim Ouassari answered questions from Maxime Binet for the program “Il Faut Qu’on Parle” on DH Radio this Friday morning. The co-founder of MolenGeek first explains to us what the students are currently doing in the building located in the heart of Molenbeek. “They learn digital marketing, that is to say how to communicate on new social networks, how to have a presence on the web and control your image there, for example. These are jobs that are currently in high demand by large companies. ”

But what profile of people can benefit from these different training courses? This is where MolenGeek has many advantages … if you are from Brussels. “Everyone is welcome. We do not ask for any diploma or anything. You just have to know how to write and speak. Unfortunately the training is regionalized in Belgium so the profiles who can participate must come from the 19 municipalities of the City of Brussels “, explains Ibrahim Ouassari.

If MolenGeek was created, it is partly to try to reverse the unemployment curve in the municipality which is extremely important with 22% of unemployed in the territory, and almost 40% at the level of 18-25 years. Thanks to the various training options available, more and more employers are welcoming young people leaving there. “The rate of positive exits, that is to say people who find a job, who launch their business or who follow another training in digital assistance, it is 85% at MolenGeek” underlines the co-founder of the ASBL.

For Ibrahim Ouassari, if the unemployment rate is so high among young people in Brussels, it is due to shortcomings in the various training courses in shortage sectors. “There is a skills gap when I survey companies. There is a lack of people trained in market needs and that’s what MolenGeek is trying to address as a problem.”

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