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Choosing floors is one of the most important steps when building or renovating. The type of material, cost-effectiveness, brand and many other details are fundamental to the decision when choosing the best coating for your environment.

Check out some tips on how to choose:

Porcelain tile is one of the main flooring alternatives on the market, its characteristics ensure more practicality, resistance, versatility and, of course, beauty for each environment. This type of floor allows the reproduction of other materials on its surface, such as ceramics, marble, wood and others with different textures and colors.

There are several models of porcelain tiles and you can choose the ideal one to leave your environment the way you’ve always dreamed. See some types of porcelain flooring available on the market.

Natural Porcelain:
Also known as Technical Porcelain, it does not receive finishing in its production, and can also be polished to ensure textures and colors to the floor.

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Satin Porcelain:
The best known among the coatings of this style, the Satin Porcelain tiles suit all environments and can be used even in the wetter and outdoor areas. In addition to all this versatility, this floor stands out for its beauty and durability.

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Polished Porcelain:
Polished Porcelain comes with a waterproofing layer on its surface, a characteristic that makes it more slippery, so it is only suitable for indoor areas that do not have direct access to water, as is the case in bedrooms and living rooms.

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External Porcelain:
This floor is the most sought after by those who are lining the outdoor area. Outdoor Porcelain is suitable for swimming pool edges (check manufacturer’s specifications), terraces, balconies and other areas of the house that are exposed to adverse weather conditions, for example. Its surface is abrasive, which prevents slipping and ensures more durability.

Porcelain tile is a great choice for any environment you are building or renovating. Now that you know a little more about this flooring, visit a Sertão store and check out porcelain flooring from R$59.90 per m2.

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