"If you do like your father, King Albert II, it is true that you will have a hard time withdrawing": when the Grand Cactus parodies Delphine Boël

“This Thursday evening, we will take stock of the year 2021 and assess the prospects for 2022 with Yves Van Laethem, we will religiously listen to Madame Rigide take stock of the health situation in schools, and we will celebrate Molière’s 400th birthday! “, announces the RTBF about the re-entry of the Grand Cactus 2022 in virtual public (Covid requires). A show that had fun parodying Delphine Boël during her last show in 2021 (and her stint in Dance with the stars in Flanders) but also several times before that since it was recognized in January 2020 by King Albert II. Small overview.

2021 and the sketch on Dance with the stars: “the good news is that when she dances, she does not paint”

“Delphine Boël is our last royal birth”, began her cactus Jérôme de Warzée in her show at the beginning of December (still visible on Auvio) to evoke her time in Dance with the stars (“the good news is that when she dances, she does not paint”). “Born in 1968, it is therefore a gestation as long as a female elephant. Normal, it refers to one word: the trunk!” The tone is set. Even more when the comedian evokes Delphine’s mother, Sybille de Sélys Longchamps who “apparently had the bean every year when it came to pulling the kings.” Delphine having been recognized by her father King Albert II in January 2020, the gang leader therefore balances that “it took 51 years for Albert to recognize that she had gone from his chicory to his gratin”.

“There was a time when dad was young he was very stiff!”

Then comes the actress Isabelle Hauben (“I have to get used to not messing around!”) Dressed up as Delphine Boël, princess of Belgium “rebellious bastard for half a century”. “I can not blame the members of the royal family who lack flexibility, she assures. It is thanks to that that I am here. Well yes, at one time, when dad was young, he was very stiff! “

Further on, with the arrival of Kody as King Philippe (“my piou-piou”), the sketch continues unabated. “You are not my half-sister … If you were Mimie Mathy, it would be a half-sister”. And when asked if she can dance, she answers. “It was dad who taught me to dance, especially the tango, because he always took one step forward and two back. And he also made me go around in circles a lot with his farandoles of avocados.”

And, before performing a choreography with his piou piou in a pink tutu to the rhythm of a royal Christmas speech, his Majesty especially continues his fight. “My decision is made, I am a Saxe-Coburg and I will do like daddy when he went to see mum, I will go all the way!” And Philippe from Belgium, aka Kody, to retort. “It’s true that if you do like Albert, you will have a hard time withdrawing.”

2020, parody in songs: “you shouldn’t put your royal jelly somewhere!”

In 2020, the Grand Cactus had already parodied our princess of Belgium when the latter had come “to settle at the house” following the recognition of Albert II of Delphine. “Ever since he put his royal jelly somewhere.” At the time, Isabelle Hauben took the features of Paola, Fabian Le Castel d’Albert II and Kody in Delphine Boël during the duplex at the royal palace or with James Deano in songs. “You shouldn’t have soaked your cookie!”

2018: with Saint Nicolas and the sculptures of Delphine “Christmas ball”

Also with a Kody, equipped with a giant cotton swab to take … the DNA of King Albert II.

2017, duplex with James Deano for the galette des rois

We talk about the papier-mâché works of the painter Delphine Boël. From the “throne” (toilet) to the car plate (DNA) through the crown of the galette des rois. “Hoping that, for once, you will hit the cake!”

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