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Check when you should apply for the bonus and on what date you will receive the payment.


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The IFE Labor is one of the benefits created by the Government to alleviate the effects of coronavirus pandemic. The objective of this benefit is encourage the creation of new jobs, granting a subsidy to or people who have a new employment relationship.

The Labor IFE is delivered directly to the worker who meets the requirements. These are:

– Have a new employment contract (in the current month or maximum the month prior to the application).

– Have a gross monthly salary less than or equal to 3 Minimum Monthly Income ($1.011.000).

– Have been unemployed at least the previous calendar month having started the new employment contract by which you apply for the benefit.

What are the amounts of the IFE Labor?

The amounts of the Labor IFE depend on the characteristics of the beneficiary and are as follows:

50% of the Gross Monthly Remuneration, capped at $ 200,000 per month:

– Men over 24 and under 55 years

60% of Gross Monthly Remuneration, capped at $ 250,000 per month

– Women,

– Young people between 18 and 24 years old,

– Men over 55 years old

– Duly certified disabled people

– Disability pension beneficiaries

How to apply?

Applications to the Labor IFE are made in the SENCE website. You can access directly HERE.

Key dates

The application date will depend on when the new contract is signedwhile the payment date it depends on the month you apply.

Check the details in the table below:

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