IGF says it is “totally calm” with auditing against accusations by former CEO of TAP | Public companies

The Inspectorate-General for Finance (IGF) said today that it was “totally calm” with the audit of the departure of Alexandra Reis from TAP, stating that it did not hear “a set” of entities in person, after accusations by the exonerated executive president (CEO) of the company.

In response to Lusa, the IGF, which was accused by Christine Ourmières-Widener of “discriminatory behavior”, said that the exonerated executive president was not the only one not to be heard in person.

“There were a number of other personalities/entities who were not heard in person, and clarifications were obtained in writing”, he guaranteed.

According to the entity, “the methodologies adopted by the IGF favor the economy of means, so, in the case of Christine Ourmières-Widener, the IGF took due note of all the statements made at the hearing in the Assembly of the Republic, having asked her for specific clarifications on concrete questions left open in the answers to the deputies and to which Christine Ourmières-Widener responded in writing”.

In addition, he stressed, “in the light of contradiction, Christine Ourmières-Widener was aware of all the assertions that came to appear in the final report and, in that context, had once again the opportunity to present her version of the facts”.

The entity also claimed that the “reference to possible ‘discriminatory behavior’ on the part of the IGF seems to result from a poor reading on the part of some media that confuses this statement, made in the context of adversarial proceedings, with a reaction to the results of the report”.

“The IGF is completely at ease with the methodology adopted in this work and confident that it provided all stakeholders with the opportunity to express their opinion on the facts in question”, he assured.

In her contradictory, released on Monday, the manager expressed her “perplexity at finding that, regrettably, she was the only person directly involved” in this process “who was not heard personally before the IGF”.

“This discriminatory behavior by the IGF is duly recorded, for which all legal consequences will be withdrawn in due time”, reads the document.

The CEO of TAP was exonerated by the Government on Monday, as was the chairman of the board of directors, Manuel Beja, after the results of the IGF audit were announced, concluding that the agreement for the departure of Alexandra Reis is null and that the compensation will have to be returned.

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