«Igualitos» Lincoln Palomeque touches the networks with photography with his son Salvador

The actor Lincoln Palomeque melted his Instagram followers with tenderness by publishing a photograph with his youngest son, in which both of them wear the same accessory, do they look alike?

The couple made up of the presenter Carolina Cruz and the actor have two beautiful children, Matías and Salvador, on this occasion, the paisa was seen with the minor and the comments on their social networks did not take long to arrive.

Lincoln Palomeque touches social networks with a photo of Salvador.

In the photograph, the gallant is seen while carrying Salvador and what is most striking in the publication is that the two are wearing hats.

“How are we alike … in hats?” Wrote the 44-year-old man who accompanies the phrase along with a selfie and apparently his son is more like his father than Carolina Cruz.

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