IL proposes mixed-use rental and tourism properties | Housing

Liberal deputies want the properties that displaced university students, or professionals such as teachers, have to rent for a period of the year to be used the rest of the time for local accommodation with easier administrative rules.

The measure would benefit tenants who, therefore, do not have to continue paying rent in the three summer months that they do not use the house or room to be able to ensure that they keep it when they return, and also landlords who can use the property for tourist exploitation through simplified rules for local accommodation, argue the liberals in the draft law to which the PÚBLICO had access.

The proposal is part of one of the diplomas on housing that IL delivers to Parliament this week and which it intends to discuss together with the Government diplomas, which must be approved by the Council of Ministers on the 16th.

The intention is for the law to provide for a simplified regime for registering local accommodation for periods of up to 90 days a year, whether continuous or interspersed, in which the properties are “exempt from city council inspections and the discretion of the municipal councils’ decision”, although inspections by ASAE are maintained.

At the same time, the possibility is created for the lease of a house or room for “professional, educational or training reasons” to provide for the suspension of the use of the property and the respective payment for certain periods. Tenants do not lose the right to return and save this cost, while landlords can use the vacant property for local accommodation during that period (which may even be more financially advantageous for them).

The IL also delivers a draft resolution that recommends the Government to create the Digital Urban Licensing Portal, nationwide “through which all urban licensing procedures can be submitted and processed, through the use of digital licensing technologies”.

That portal should make available “all up-to-date information on the state of implementation of urban licensing procedures” and be accessible to citizens and companies, so that they can monitor the status of their processes. The liberals want this concentration of information to also serve to analyze various indicators on licensing and even “compare the actions of different municipalities”.

Liberals believe that the portal will “contribute to the transparency” of licensing processes and also to the accountability of those who intervene in the process and issue opinions. In addition to simplifying and accelerating processes, which will help to provide more housing on the market.

These measures are part of the liberal housing package, which also includes, for example, a proposal for the State to allow the private sector and the social sector to rehabilitate vacant State buildings so that they can then be placed on the housing market with affordable rents. .

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