IL will leave the hemicycle if Lula da Silva speaks at the solemn session on April 25 | Liberal Initiative

The leader of the IL announced this Sunday that, if the Brazilian president speaks at the formal session of the 25th of April, the liberal deputies will leave the hemicycle, with the expectation that the president of the Assembly of the Republic will not propose this intervention.

Speaking to the Lusa agency after the National Council of the IL that took place today in Coimbra, Rui Rocha was asked about the controversy surrounding the possibility of Lula da Silva speaking at the formal session of the 25th of April that is taking place in parliament. “If this scenario that I want to believe will not happen comes to pass, in that case, the Liberal Initiative will participate with enormous enthusiasm, as always, in the solemn commemorative session of the 25th of April, but at the moment when there is an intervention by President Lula da Silva, at that moment the seats on the Liberal Initiative bench will be empty”, he warned.

However, the expectation of the president of the IL is that Augusto Santos Silva “will not go ahead with this intervention by Lula da Silva in the solemn session of the 25th of April”, taking into account the positioning of PSD, Chega and the IL itself, considering that this it would be “to insist on something that would associate the celebration of the 25th of April with a moment of division in which a significant part of the parties have already spoken out and do not agree”. “The President of the Assembly of the Republic, with regard to the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, understood not to include any type of event or reference to the 25th of November because he considered that it was a date that divided the Assembly of the Republic”, he recalled.

Reiterating that “the second, third and fourth largest parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic are not in favor of this participation of President Lula da Silva”, Rui Rocha wants to believe that, “in line with this intention of not associating these dates with questions” that can generate divisions, Santos Silva will not propose Lula da Silva’s speech. On Friday, Santos Silva stated that he is collecting “all the information” necessary to propose to the parties how to organize the “welcome session” to the President of Brazil, during his State visit in April.

The day before, in response to the Lusa news agency on the announcement made, in Brasília, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, that the Brazilian President, Lula da Silva, would speak at the Assembly of the Republic in the formal session of the 25th of April, official source from the office of Augusto Santos Silva referred any decision to “due time”. “Under the terms of the Rules of Procedure, the agenda is fixed by the PAR, after hearing the Conference of Leaders, and that will be what will happen in due time in relation to the sessions to be held in the second half of April”, replied Santos Silva’s office, without further information.

That afternoon, in parliament, Chega and Iniciativa Liberal criticized the Minister of Foreign Affairs for having announced that the Brazilian President would speak at the commemorations of the 25th of April, considering it “a disrespect” for the parliament and an “unacceptable trampling”. That same day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, however clarified that the Assembly of the Republic “is sovereign in the decisions it takes.

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