Ilhabela Yacht Club prepares to host Amateur Navigator Safety Symposium

(Photo: Caio Souza | On Board Sports)

The structure of the XVII Navegador Amador Security Symposium began to be set up this Monday at the Yacht Club de Ilhabela (YCI) by the Full Time Eventos team. The meeting, which is organized by the club and the Brazilian Navy, will bring together sea lovers, sailors, sailors and people related to the maritime economy.

The event will be held between October 15th and 17th and will have a series of activities on and off the sea, as well as lectures by specialists in the segment. The last day will be reserved for tests for qualification of Arrais Amador, Mestre and Capitão.

The symposium is a realization of the Yacht Club of Ilhabela in partnership with the Brazilian Navy, Soamar SP and support from the Municipality of Ilhabela. The production and organization is carried out by Full Time Eventos, which for over 10 years has also been responsible for organizing the Ilhabela International Sailing Week, the largest regatta in South America.

The team, which is based in the city of Santos (SP), prepares the entire structure and scheme for accessing the club, as well as the ceremonies and logistics of inns for guests and speakers. More than 200 people are expected for the three-day symposium.

– We are once again here at the Yacht Club of Ilhabela, we are starting the assembly of the XVII Symposium on Security of Navegador Amador, we are receiving the materials and the assembly of the structure begins today.

– We are waiting for the Navy teams, the admirals, we have social programs for coffee breaks and cocktails. Another grandiose event of the Ilhabela Yacht Club, this time in partnership with the Brazilian Navy – said Eliete Fraga, producer of Full Time, organizer of the event.

During the XVII Navegador Amador Symposium, the organization adopted protocols and measures to keep all participants safe from Covid-19. The main recommendation is the use of a mask and do not forget the vaccination card with the two doses or the result of the RT-PCR/Negative Antigen test.

Mandatory vaccination: Event participants will be asked to provide proof of vaccination with two doses or the RT-PCR/Antigen test performed within a maximum of 48 hours (forty-eight hours) prior to accreditation.

Mandatory Mask: The use of a mask, correctly positioned, is mandatory during the entire stay at the event, in all the facilities of the Yacht Club de Ilhabela.

Social distance: It is necessary to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter between those present.

Temperature Cooling: The temperature of everyone present will be measured at the entrance to the event.

Personal hygiene:

• Alcohol gel 70% will be available at various points within the event.

• All sea day personal clothing, items frequently touched on the boat must be regularly and thoroughly disinfected.

• Bags, equipment, backpacks, etc., cannot be left at the club and are the user’s responsibility and hygiene.

• When handling food and beverages, participants must do it with care and individually, to avoid cross contamination (example: individual reusable water bottles and packaged food, etc.).

More about the Symposium

The activities start on Thursday (14/10) with the accreditation, which extends to all other days of the Symposium on Security of Navegador Amador. On Friday (10/15), the actions will be on the water, on the so-called Sea Day, with docking and unberthing maneuvers, rescue of a man overboard, abandonment of the vessel, life jackets and life raft, signaling with pyrotechnicians, transmission of ” Securitée” and “May Day” and demonstration of rescue of shipwrecked by aircraft.

On Saturday (16/10) lectures will be held with important names from the nautical world, with the official opening of Alex Costa – Commodore of the Yacht Club of Ilhabela and Mario Simonsen – President Soamar-SP.

On Sunday (17/10) the tests will be held. It is a prerequisite for the Master Amateur exam that the candidate be Arrais Amador. Applicants for the Captain evaluation are required to have the Master Amateur license. The registration of MOTONAUTA will not be carried out in the portfolios issued at the Symposium.

The vessels of the so-called Sea Exercises will be located at the Yacht Club piers in Ilhabela and will be sent by the Brazilian Navy.

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