Illegales opens third show at Hard Rock Live - More Vip

Thanks to the success in sales and enthusiasm that the concert The Hits Live, the new tour of Ilegales has had, the group opens a third show for Friday, October 22, also performing on the 20th and 21st of this month.

The concerts will take place at Hard Rock Live, at 8:30 pm, under the production of César Suárez Jr., and presenting the greatest hits of its two and a half decades of history.

“Good music and quality remain in time, Ilegales has been in the music scene for 25 years and has been able to impact several generations by harvesting an extensive repertoire of hits and classics,” said Suárez, producer of the concert.

Illegales is a band with great scenic power that has reinvented itself with constant work, emphasizing popular taste and the heart of the public locally and internationally.

They have achieved important achievements throughout their renowned career. The group headed by Vladimir Dotel has set precedents in the music industry both domestically and abroad, thanks to its electrifying proposal, selling two million copies worldwide, with 12 studio albums.

As they prepare for their return to the stage, after a pause forced by the Covid-19 pandemic, “The owners of the party”, as they are also known, promote their most recent hit, “En alta.”

Over the years, their music has made them worthy of important recognitions in awards such as the Latin Grammy, Billboard, Lo Nuestro and Soberano, among others.

His extensive songbook of hits includes songs like “Taqui taqui”, “making me crazy”, “La Morena”, “La pastilla”, “Aló, bebe”, “No ‘toy pa’ eso”, “Have a good time”, “’Tamo Happy” and “Marchando”, among many others.

Tickets to enjoy “The owners of the party” on October 20 or 21 are on sale at Uepa Tickets, Supermarkets and Jumbo at RD $ 5,000 Special Guest; RD $ 3,000 VIP, and RD $ 2,500 General.

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