ILO alerts on labor situation in Latin America |  News

The Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, affirmed this Friday that the coronavirus crisis in Latin America has left a complicated labor outlook and that it will be necessary to reflect on the direction that the recovery of employment is taking.


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Ryder, speaking at the XXI Inter-American Conference of Labor Ministers, highlighted that the unemployment rate is 11 percent, too high for the region, so there are still many jobs to recover.

The ILO representative stated that the pandemic illustrates the great shortcomings of the continent and the world in this sector and points out as its main consequences “unemployment, underemployment and inactivity, with a marked increase in poverty and informality, and a amplification of inequalities ”.

The senior official made special emphasis that “about 70 percent of the jobs recovered from mid-2020 to the first quarter of 2021 consisted of informal occupations.”

This irregularity at work does not guarantee the rights of the workers or provide security regarding the maintenance of the work as a family breadwinner.

As ways to go to overcome the current crisis, Guy Ryder mentioned the need for an “inclusive, sustained and resilient” recovery.

In the previous conference held last June, the ILO director general had insisted on the articulation that must exist between the economic, labor, and financial policies of nations to achieve recovery “with decent work and sustainable companies focused on the people ”, he asserted.

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