‘I’m from the authorization tram’

Former BBB Lumena Aleluia is enjoying Carnival in Salvador. In an interview with reporter Bianca Andrade, from iBahia, she spoke about the emotion of being back in the capital of Bahia and how the receptivity has been after these 2 years without the party.

“I am so shocked that Salvador has an incredible capacity to deliver love, parties and entertainment of the highest quality. Everyone authorizing the hug, the smell, the bagaceira; So I’m very happy,” she said.

The influencer chatted when she was at Camarote Brahma, located at Circuito Dodô. On the visit, she said that the relationship with the fans is the way she likes it.

“Look, it’s been such an award, a gift to step on the streets of Salvador to receive affection, affection, kisses on the mouth… lol, just kidding. But, it’s because my fans are just as shitty as I am. So, everyone comes authorizing and I authorize everything, right? So, it’s been a gift to receive post-BBB, post-vacation, on social media that people follow me there, so it’s been great.”

About the flirtation in the revelry, the muse made suspense. “Everything is authorized with consent, right?! And we like a yes or no. Our bodies, our mouths, our rules. But, it’s all authorized. I, for myself, am on the authorization bandwagon, nothing that a xavego, a conversation can’t solve.”

New projects

Lumena participated in BBB21 and after the reality show, she has been acting as an influencer and model. But, in addition to psychology, the young woman is investing in a career in humor. she commented with iBahia that taking life in a lighter way and humor is the ideal match for that.

“Thanks to the energies that govern me, the orixás…I’m starting this new project which is stand up; so I can laugh at the tragedy, this whole crazy journey, that is my life. So with faith, there will already be a show here in Salvador.”

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