Imbroglio around the Ramos case at PSG: "His knee is in worse condition than it was said"

It’s a story that is starting to eat away at the patience of Parisian leaders. Recruited freely when he had reached the end of his contract at Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos has still not played a single minute in the jersey of PSG. The last meeting of the ex-Madrilenian dates back to May 5 during the semi-final second leg in the Champions League at Casa Blanca in Chelsea.

After suffering an injury to a left calf muscle during a session at the end of July, the central defender was due to resume competition during the last international break a month ago. A relapse disrupted his plans.

The physical worries had already annoyed him the previous season. By dint of wanting to come back too early, the 35-year-old cannot recover from his physical worries. In January, he had knee surgery and absolutely wanted to play in the semi-final of the most prestigious of European competitions. Wrong?

“Madrid would not have extended it because the cartilage would be affected”

“His knee would be in worse shape than it was said”, says Frédéric Hermel, journalist specializing in the Spanish club for the French media. “Madrid would not have extended it because the cartilage would be affected.”

If it is the calf that is currently affected, it remains to be seen whether his knee will manage to hold up during a recovery that was expected this Friday against Angers.

The Spaniard is currently training on the sidelines of the squad. With only six games played in 2021, it is unclear whether Sergio Ramos will return to the forefront. Paris may well regret its bet.

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