The new Swedish Prime Minister will only have been in her post for eight hours.

A woman at the head of the country… It was a first in Sweden. But barely elected, the one who was finance minister for seven years had to resign.

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By Frédéric Faux

Published on 11/24/2021 5:44 PM
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Cwednesday was not quite the day that Magdalena Andersson had dreamed of. The new Swedish Prime Minister, 54, made history as the first woman to be elected to the post. But the social democrat, former finance minister of the previous government led by Stefan Löfven, had to resign less than eight hours after her election. His government, which was expected, was in the minority. Its budget, which was much more unexpected, was also rejected. The Center Party, refusing the influence of the ex-communists on government policy, did not vote for it. And when the right-wing and far-right project was approved, it was the Greens, allies of the Social Democrats, who announced their exit from government. From “historic”, the day became “hysterical”, and Magdalena Andersson threw in the towel. But she says she is ready to run again … This time with the banner of a government where the Social Democrats will occupy all ministerial positions.

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