Immersive Tangos by Rowland and Nisinman

Thanks to Astor Piazzolla, tango outgrew the bars in Buenos Aires and entered the concert hall. The genre also took hold of many classical musicians. Violinist Daniel Rowland is one of them, since he heard bandoneonist Marcelo Nisinman twelve years ago. They became friends and steadily gathered an ensemble of kindred spirits with whom they recorded the album Ecstasy recordings. Nisinman is a special figure. Piazzolla and his quintet regularly rehearsed in his parents’ house. The composer would always put the boy right behind him, so he could see that old Piazzolla didn’t always do what his own score said. on Ecstasy Piazzolla’s pieces sit alongside Nisinman’s rougher-toned tangos, including one dedicated to Rowland. Classical influences are reflected in both composers. The performances are glowing, compelling and raw. A musical world in which you can disappear as a listener.

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