IMPLAN: Graciela Amaro leaves the management tomorrow after 14 years in office

Leon, Guanajuato.- After 14 years in office, Graciela Amaro Hernández will be replaced tomorrow of the direction of Municipal Planning Institute (Implan).

And instead will be named Rafael Pérez Fernández, who was he first director of the institute, in 1994 and previously Director of Urban Development of León from 1992 to 1993.

This decision will be made in the extraordinary session of the Board of Directors of the Implan, which is summoned to meet for this purpose, informed AM sources close to the body.

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An item on the agenda, of which AM has a copy, points out: “Revocation of the appointment and, where appropriate, approval of the termination of the employment relationship of the general director of the Municipal Planning Institute, Graciela de la Luz Amaro Hernández.”

And the next item on the agenda adds: “Proposal, and where appropriate, designation, of who holds the position of head of the Implan.”

A thank you will also be given to the directors who complete their six-year term.

Graciela Amaro has been the director of Implan since 2007, for which he had to work in five municipal administrations with four presidents: Vicente Guerrero, Ricardo Sheffield, Barbara Botello and Hector’s two triennia López Santillana.

Has extensive experience

The curriculum of Rafael Pérez Fernández informs that it is leonese, with Architecture studies at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) and in the University of Texas A and M, (United States).

master’s degree in Architecture, University of Guanajuato and candidate for a doctorate in Architecture, in the Inter-Institutional Program of the Universities of Guanajuato, Colima, Aguascalientes and Michoacán, in the line of research on sustainable urban development.

He has been a teacher in various master’s degrees and diplomas in urban planning and heritage conservation at universities in central and northern Mexico, as well as a lecturer and visiting professor at events in Guatemala, Brazil, and Bolivia.

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In the public sector, he has coordinated the preparation and updating of various studies, projects and plans in more than 20 cities and in various states of the Mexican Republic, in the fields of architecture, the restoration of monuments, urban development, the environment. environment and regional development.

He has served as director of the Department of Art and Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana de León, president of the Board of Directors of the Urban Observatory of León.

Also executive coordinator of the Mexican Network of Cities towards Sustainability, vice president of the Board of Directors of the National Chamber of Consulting Companies, Guanajuato Delegation.

He has been a member of the Citizen Committee of the Historic Center of León and the León Sustainable Development Advisory Council.

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